Boost Your Auto Business Efficiency with a Metal Garage
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Boost Your Auto Business Efficiency with a Metal Garage

Boost Your Auto Business Efficiency with a Metal Garage
Jun, 2024

Are you looking to take your existing auto business to the next level or start a new one? Have a look at the steel garage. It has secure space to store all vehicles, tools, and equipment with efficiency that was never possible with traditional buildings. But why steel? Let’s have a look.

Benefits Of Using A Metal Garage For The Auto Industry

Metal comes with various advantages that traditional building lacks. Here, we have listed some of them, have a look.


Structural steel is 25 times stronger than wood. It has a higher load-bearing capacity. So, you can easily install solar shingles or panels over the roof to generate electricity.

Increase Usable Floor Space

Steel is lightweight and robust. The clear span design allows you to create an internal space without any supporting internal columns or walls. Thus, you can easily plan bay areas, tool, and spare parts storage sections.

Building Size

Determining the building size is crucial for a metal prefab garage. Consider your customer’s size, the number of vehicles you want to accommodate, and extra space for storage. Ensure you add customer waiting areas and plan future expansion in advance.

Cost-Effective Solution For Auto Businesses

A prefab garage needs less maintenance than any other traditional structure. Here’s what makes a steel garage more cost-effective:

Weather Resistant

Metal is not affected by changing weather conditions or seasons. Since metal is a dense and non-porous material, it does not absorb water content from the external environment. Since there is no rot or decay with time, you do not need to spend on frequent repair & replacement.

Pest Proof

Metal is inorganic by nature and does not attract termite colonies to live and breed. Thus, you don’t have to spend on monthly termite inspection and control. Choosing a durable material also ensures that your garage can last for years with low maintenance. This contributes to long-term efficiency.

Less Foundation Cost

Since structural steel is lightweight but can bear more load, you will need less material for construction. This speeds up the shipping process and reduces the cost of the foundation. Generally, a foundation costs about 20% of the total project cost. All this saves a lot of money in the long run.

Security For Vehicles & Equipment

As a steel garage can be constructed as a large space, you can create storage facilities for vehicles without worrying about security. Steel doors are robust and hard to break into. The entire structure can be anchored to the ground to secure it against fast-moving wind. Further, you can add alarm systems like motion sensor lighting to deter intruders.

You can install window bars or entry reinforcement to prevent unauthorized access. A wide service bay saves vehicles from scratches and dents. You can also choose door styles that are large and wide enough for easy entrance and exit.

Have A Look At The Customization Options

The customizable layout allows the metal garage to accommodate a number of service bays, storage areas, waiting rooms, and a shop to sell spare parts.

Additional Features

Here are some features that you can add to your auto repair steel garage buildings: gutter, insulation, fire retardant, vents, light, HVAC system, dedicated electric outlet for operating machines, etc. You can also install a lean-to on either side of the garage to create shaded space. Any vehicle that needs quick service can come and go easily without waiting in line for a long period of time.

Customer Traffic

Have an estimate of how many customers you would like to accommodate. You must have space for parking and a waiting area. Ensure that there is easy access during business hours for customer satisfaction.

Flexible Design

Steel garages are flexible and adaptable. For instance, you can create a layout to fit hoists, lifts, diagnostic equipment, and other tools and change it as needed. This makes your auto repair garage flexible to accommodate any type of vehicle. So, why waste time searching for misplaced tools running back and forth between different sections? Have a look at some of the prefab garage designs on our website.

Easy Installation With Minimal Downtime

Most metal prefab garages are mass-produced in the factory. Assembling one is fast, as the designing, cutting, and drilling work is already done. Being lightweight and designed in parts, it is also easy to ship.

The metal garages require less labor on the construction site. Since it takes less time to install and less manpower to construct, businesses save a lot of money here. In addition, you can start working quicker and generate profit earlier.

Energy Efficiency That Saves On Utility Bills

Steel garage buildings can be made energy-efficient by installing insulators and vent systems. These systems allow you to control internal temperature and reduce moisture and humidity. You can save up to 30% or more on energy bills, which makes you eligible for a tax credit from the government.

Applications Of Steel Garage For Auto Business

  1. Auto repair shops & service centers for various types and models of vehicles
  2. Storage facilities & warehousing for automobile manufacturers
  3. Showrooms & sales offices for car dealers
  4. Car washes and detailing stations for independent auto businesses
  5. Vehicle rental services for renting cars to tourists or visitors
  6. Workshop for car mechanics
  7. Tire repair & sales for small tire companies and businesses

Built To Last, Built For You – Viking Steel Structures!

The durability of a steel garage defines how well it can withstand daily wear and tear while retaining its structural durability. Your investment will last for years to come. So, why settle for anything less when you can have auto business efficiency with a prefab garage today? Call 877-801-3263 to know more.

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