Best Tips to Extend your Commercial Metal Building’s Lifespan
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Best Tips to Extend your Commercial Metal Building’s Lifespan

Feb, 2021

Today, a metal building is a priority in the construction industry, where other alternatives are also available. Due to the ever-increasing cost of construction and the time it takes to assemble buildings from conventional building materials, steel buildings are finding a tremendous increase in popularity. Commercial steel buildings are low-cost, high quality, attractive structures for customers, and fulfill their variety of requirements. That’s why the demand for prefab steel structures is gradually increasing.

Still, many people aren’t aware of caring about their metal building. Proper maintenance and timely treatment is a must to enhance its longevity. However, without appropriate knowledge and skills, upkeep is tricky. So, without any delay, check out seven simple yet proven ways to enhance the life of your commercial steel building.

Choose Vertical Roof Design: Almost every commercial/industrial metal buildings are delivered and installed with a vertical roof style. Vertical style commercial metal buildings ensure complete safety and protection from harsh weather conditions like high winds, snow load, seismic waves, floods, and more.

However, if you have an A-frame roof style, check the roof during the winter season to overcome water & snow storage issues on the roof.

Check Rusting on Steel Buildings: It’s true that steel buildings are made with 100% galvanized steel that makes them free from rusting and corrosion. Yet, if your building is in contact with still water for long, rusting can happen. Hence if you encounter still water surrounding your building, it’s better to clean the surrounding area and barricade contact of a commercial building with water. With time, your commercial building may further transfer rusting to your inventory that will directly cost your business a lot.

Maintain Proper Ventilation: Continuous air circulation is essential for every structure to stay away from condensation problems. Further, proper ventilation helps to keep storage assets/inventory safe from weather damages. Make sure you open windows and allow fresh air to circulate well across the building. Ventilation is further essential to keep the interior soothing. Blocking airflow will develop an odor, which makes it tough to execute your daily operations. Further, air blockage may also start damaging your inventory.

Avoid Modification Without Consultation: You need to extend your commercial building area! It doesn’t mean you can start altering the existing steel structure and expand it for a bigger clear span area. Proper consultation with your building dealer is essential to avoid post-installation hurdles. Following local building codes, ordering the right lean-to extension, selecting the right metal structure, etc., are some of the dense pointers that must be considered to avoid post-installation failures/issues.

Choose Right Building: Now, selecting the right commercial metal building is a single answer to all queries associated with your structure’s lifespan. However, pre-installation research is highly recommended to avoid future extensions, upgrades, or regular maintenance. One time investment in a metal building can benefit you for the coming 3-4 decades.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the renowned metal building dealers in the United States that provides you diverse metal building designs at highly competitive prices. If you don’t have a sturdy metal building for commercial purposes, let our team of experts find the best-suited building for your tailored needs. With all buildings available in our catalog, we provide free delivery & Installation. Further, you get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty on your order.

Remember, nothing can beat periodic checks as it will help you diagnose issues at an early stage and give you enough time to correct them instantly. Treating issues in early-stage will also help you with less repair cost. However, if you cannot correct issues, call your metal building dealer for assistance or find a third-party service to repair your building.