Be Weatherproof with Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Be Weatherproof with Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Vertical Metal Carports
Oct, 2020

Weather is not always the same, so you require an appropriate shelter to protect your vehicles from intense heat, heavy snowfall, downpour, hailstorm, and other harsh weather conditions.

Further, vehicle parking is always an issue; every homeowner faces limited living space. But not anymore!

Viking Steel Structures has the ultimate option for all these hacks.

Yes, it’s none other than Vertical Roof Metal Carports that are solely manufactured to confront weather conditions. A metal carport is a partially covered steel structure that is manufactured steel legs. It can be either constructed freely or attached to your existing metal building. In either case, it is the perfect option that you can make and enlarge your vehicle’s life.

How many of you believe in the real potential of ordering a vertical metal carport?

Not everyone!

So, below listed are the benefits of buying an all-weather metal carport for your beast machines.

Affordable: Finance is essential before you checkout an ideal carport for your vehicles. Yet, you should know that steel carports are affordable compared to wood buildings. You can save big when investing your hard-earned money in vertical metal carports. A standard metal carport can start with a price tag of $1000. Isn’t that affordable?

Weather Proof: Many areas in the United States are prone to frequent floods, seismic attacks, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. You will be stunned to know that vertical roof steel carports are certified to confront all these weather troubles without damaging your vehicles. Furthermore, you don’t require heavy maintenance to enlarge their life.

Ease of Installation: Metal Carports are the reliable and straightforward metal structure that needs minimal workforce for installation. Furthermore, Metal carports give you great ease as delivered at the job site in pre-fabricated components. Also, you can stay assured of no additional expenses as Viking Steel Structures offers FREE Delivery & Installation from placing your order till installation.

Prismatic Color Options: Every homeowner looks for a matching outlet for the vehicles that add value to their property and match with the surrounding. With us, you can get 15 color options to choose for your metal carport along with 5 door color options.

Reliable & Sturdy: Metal is far more robust and reliable when compared with conventional stick buildings. Further, metal carports are made to last long. A metal carport’s average life is 30-40 years, which is far better than other building alternatives.

Endless Customization: Make your metal carport the way you like. From tip to toe, you have unlimited customization options that give you the perfect-fit metal carport as per your personal/commercial needs.

Now, you agree that metal carports are simply AWESOME!

Moving further, let’s take a look at commonly asked questions related to Vertical Metal Carports.

Why Are Vertical Roof Metal Carports more expensive than Horizontal Carports?

Boxed-eave metal carports have roofing panels installed in A-frame shape. However, the steel is laid horizontally; hence it is also known as a horizontal roof. Further, these roof styles don’t require additional support for stability.

On the other hand, vertical steel carports have roof panels installed vertically (from pitch to roof sides). Furthermore, it is strengthened with hat channels that add cost to the steel carport.

The vertical steel carport has a ridge cap installed, which isn’t present in horizontal roof steel carport.

These two additional components make the carport more substantial and reliable; hence its price is increased accordingly.

What Are The Roof Options Available?

There are three roof styles, including a regular style roof, a-frame style roof, and a vertical style roof. Among these three, regular is the standard option that is delivered by default. However, vertical roof style carports are highly recommended to protect your car, boat, ATV, and other vehicles from natural calamities for harsh weather areas.

Before you choose one of three roof styles, please consult with our metal carport specialist at 877-801-3263 and get the best choice that meets your requirements.

Why Should You Consider Vertical Roof Metal Carport Over Horizontal Roof Carport?

In horizontal roof panels, the ridges run parallel to the sides. Hence snow and water runoff aren’t possible easily. You need regular maintenance to avoid still water and snow load problems. However, in a vertical roof, ridges run from the top to its sides. This roof style offers water and snow runoff traits quickly. So, your steel carport is entirely free from water and snow load issues.

Above all, vertical roof steel carport comes with certification to confront weather troubles. For more details about metal carport certification, connect with our building specialist today!

How Can You Pay For A Metal Carport?

Paying full upfront is always a hack for most homeowners. Viking Steel Structures understands your financial crisis; hence we offer you Rent-to-Own and Financing option that you can choose as per your necessity. Where you can get an RTO option for building up to $15K, metal carport financing is available for buildings up to $50K.

NOTE: You must have a good credit score to apply for metal building financing.

So, what are you waiting for? A fabulous, reliable, sturdy, and weatherproof metal carport is awaiting you! Call us at 877-801-3263 to get the best-fit steel carport for fulfilling your versatile needs.