Are Metal Buildings Versatile Than Wood-Framed Buildings?

Are Metal Buildings Versatile Than Wood-Framed Buildings?

Are Metal Buildings Versatile Than Wood-Framed Buildings?
Sep, 2022

Purchasing or installing a building is a complex decision to make. You can’t just go for a structure without knowing facts and information about it. It is better to perform in-depth research about all options available in the market.

If you look at the best economical building options available in the market, you will surely come up with metal and conventional wooden buildings. No other building type can match the features offered by these structures at economical pricing.

Wooden buildings have been in tradition for decades. Most of the facilities you will find in the United States are made of wood. But now, building trends are changing across the country. People know about the benefits of metal buildings over conventional structures. Before selecting a prefab building for your property, you should consider why they are a better choice.

Why Metal Buildings are Better Than Wooden Framed Structures?

Often, people compare metal buildings to their close competitor, conventional wooden frame buildings. You can look at the specifications below if you have the same confusion about which one is better.

Better Space Utilization

In case of building construction, it can lead to significant differences. You need more wood to attain the same structural strength as metal. Use of timber will cover more room, and you will be left with a less usable area.

Wood and steel are two entirely different building materials. In terms of molecular density, steel is a lot denser than wood. Due to this difference in material density, space covered by wood is much higher.

With prefabricated buildings, you can utilize available space more efficiently. Structures like steel Garages, Barns, and Carports can be used to maximize the utilization of available space.

Be More Creative

As a construction material, wood can’t offer such flexibility and structural strength. Timber used in building construction consists of natural fibres that can bear external force up to a certain level.

After the threshold limit, cracks can’t be prevented in the structural frame. No one wants a facility that can not withstand external forces to some extent.

When we see skyscrapers in cities across the united states, they all are made of steel as a core building material. Do you know why? Construction engineers prefer steel over all other materials because of its high tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio.

A higher strength-to-weight ratio allows engineers to be more creative with designs and building sizes. Conditions are similar for the metal building you are planning for residential or commercial purposes.

You can leverage the benefits of steel to design a building with a creative layout and extensive size. Features like flexibility can be used to impose modifications in the structure to attain comfort level and high functionality.

Better Safety Features

Safety is a significant factor that people consider while purchasing or constructing a building on their property. Conventional structures are at higher risk in extreme weather conditions and situations like wildfire.

As a natural fibre, there are some limitations of wooden structures. Strong winds, hailstorms, and wildfires can cause significant damage to wooden buildings. You won’t be able to protect your belongings with timber walls. Here the role of prefab steel structure becomes more crucial.

For cyclone and storm-prone areas, you can go for certified prefab steel buildings capable of handling strong winds without significant damage.

Steel is a 100% fireproof and fire-resistant material. If you plan to install a metal building on your property, it will protect you and your belongings from all climate-related difficulties.

All these features make metal buildings way better than conventional structures in terms of safety from natural calamities.

Higher Customization Possibility

Customization is the key feature about which people are more concerned. They have different plans for their dream houses or commercial buildings. The process of building customization needs out-of-the-box thinking.

The purpose of installing a commercial or industrial facility is to achieve higher functionality. Most of the customizations imposed on building layout are driven by the end purpose of the building installation. In the case of residential buildings, the end purpose is mostly about comfort level and aesthetics.

As a construction material, wood is not as flexible as steel. High flexibility allows the individual to implement out-of-the-box customization in the structure.

For large extensive structures used in industries, customization becomes more critical. Due to poor structural strength compared to steel, wooden buildings are unsuitable for vast installations requiring a clear span.

From small to large commercial structures, prefab steel buildings are suitable for all conditions. You can find the best metal building solutions at Viking Steel Structures at affordable pricing.

Faster Installation

Wood and steel are two completely different materials in the construction industry. Because of this difference, the construction or installation process is different for both materials.

After completing the foundation of a conventional building, lots of wooden labs are delivered to the construction site and later processed to construct the building accordingly. It is a time taking process, and it can take up to a few months to erect the entire structure.

The process used in installing metal buildings is entirely different from conventional structures. Metal buildings are made of prefabricated components prepared far from the installation sites. Using these components, the time taken in building installation can be reduced.

The process of metal building erection only takes a few days to a few weeks, and in the modern era, time is money. If you are saving time, indirectly, you are saving some extra bucks.

Find Best Metal Buildings At Viking Steel Structures

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