36’W x 30'L x 12'H All Vertical Carolina barn | 36x30 Carolina Barn

36’ W x 30′ L x 12′ H All Vertical Carolina barn

Sep, 2018

Agricultural Metal Building provides an economical solution to all your needs, likely to accommodate everything from tools to livestock. Easy to construct and provides years of protection against harsh weather.  Traditionally, landowners have relied on building made of wood, stone & other things, but these materials are not always as long-lasting as agricultural buildings.

The lifespan of a metal building far exceeds that of a wooden structure. We provide the best quality of our materials that our panels are covered by a ten-year warranty, and the frame for twenty years against rust, as we use the best 100% galvanized steel.

We are sharing some uses of the same:

  • Barns – It is the safest place to keep your pets (if you own one), like horses, pigs, or other livestock. Also, they get protected from harsh weather and other elements; a steel structure makes the perfect barn.
  • Machine Sheds – A metal building provides the best quality sheds for your machines & other large equipment.
  • Riding arenas – If you own horses, there is many covered place so you can ride your horse even in the rain or harsh weather.
  • Extra Storage – It provides you extra place to keep your machinery and for other things.
  • Covered Area – Maintaining a farm and living there is really a difficult task, sometimes they needs rest or want to enjoy with their family. A metal building provides the perfect spot for almost activity.

Pictured is our most popular barn-style building, the drop-down style barn. 36’ W x 30′ L x 12′ H All Vertical Carolina barn includes center unit of 12′ x 30′ x 12’ tall whereas, the two 12’x30′ Lean-to walls have 9’ height. One Lean-to is fully enclosed having a 9’x8′ garage door with one walk-in door and one window. This building can be installed and delivered for $17,612 plus your local sales tax (Price varies by state and location).

Viking Steel Structures can customize any metal structure to fit your needs and budget. We offer American-manufactured buildings which are built with strong metal to last long and comes with 20 years of rust through warranty.

To book your order, you will need to deposit $2994 and the remaining balance is due after the building is installed.

Talk to our building experts on 877-801-3263 who have more than 10 years of experience in this industry and would be glad to help in creating your own building. We do offer Rent-To-Own and Financing options in most areas.