44’Wx40’Lx18’H Commercial Steel Building | 44x40 Metal Building
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44’Wx40’Lx18’H Commercial Steel Building

44x40x18 Commercial Steel Building
Jul, 2022

A commercial building is a basic need for every business planning to uplift their profit and make a swift with production. Commercial metal building is a priority whenever there’s a need for big structures. Viking Steel Structures recently installed this 44’Wx40’Lx18’H Commercial Steel Building for one of our clients that gives them a 100% clear span area to use to the fullest and enhance their functional scope.

This 44×40 industrial metal building is a smart investment to get a broad area with zero support columns. This let them utilize the available space as per their need and business requirements. Above all, the one-time installation of this 44x40x12 metal building gives supreme safety and security to their industrial machines and business essentials.

Building Specifications of 44x40x18 Commercial Building:

  • (1) 9’x8′ Frame out
  • (1) 36″x80″ Walk-in Door
  • Vertical Wainscoat
  • (1) 12’x15’x10′ Vertical Lean Too
  • (1) 12’x8′ Frame out

Buy 44×40 Metal Building At an Affordable Price

Now you have acknowledged the different uses of this prefab steel building. We are just a click away if you are planning to order the same building. You can call 877-801-3263 and mention SKU: 444018CSB to order it immediately. However, you can also click here to check its specifications before checkout.

Viking Steel Structures also provide numerous steel building designs that you can check and order the perfect structure for your land. Visit our latest metal building catalog and search out the best-fit commercial building for your purpose.

This 44×40 industrial building was delivered to the client for $44,503.25. However, this price isn’t fixed for everyone across the USA. The final price of this commercial steel building varies depending on your location due to code ratings.

Hence, you must reach us to know the latest price of the 44’Wx40′ L Commercial Steel Building. We have a dealership of top metal building manufacturers; hence we can provide the best-in-industry pricing.

Unique Features of 44x40x18 Industrial Building

Vertical Roof Style: This 44×40 metal building is installed with vertical roof style, which is the best among all three roof options available. A vertical roof ensures the structure will require less maintenance and expenses than a wood structure.

Wainscot Design: Adding a wainscot design enhances the overall look of your commercial metal building. Viking Steel Structures lets you choose the colors for wainscoting that beautify your big building without investing in the wood structure.

Attached Lean-To: Additional lean-to added in the post gives the perfect protection to the main entrance to this structure. Installed with 12’Wx15’Lx10’H Vertical Lean-To, your garage door stays protected from rainfall, snowfall, and other weather troubles.

RTO & Financing Options for 44×40 Steel Building:

Full payment is a big heck for first-time buyers as multiple provides multiple designs to buy for. We understand this monetary trouble and give two options to help you buy this steel building with a small upfront.

Rent-to-Own Metal Building:

Our RTO program lets you book this steel structure with a small deposit and use it the way you want. With RTO, you get the liberty to use this commercial building without getting its ownership. Below are the benefits of our RTO program.

  • No Credit Check
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • Same Day Approval
  • Payoff Any Time
  • More Than Just Storage
  • Ownership in 36 months or less
  • Flexible payment options

So, you can apply for Metal Building RTO and buy this commercial steel building today!

Metal Building Financing:

Financing is another great option to get ownership and take benefit of this prefab commercial building. Metal building financing by Viking Steel Structures includes many benefits that are listed below:

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Complete transparency
  • Available for Commercial & Industrial buildings as well
  • Same as Cash available for 3, 6 & 12 months terms
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime

Design This 44×40 Metal Building at Viking Steel Structures

Many first-time buyers would appreciate this commercial building, but that’s not exactly what they want. If you are a potential buyer who wants the same dimensions but a different design, let our 3D Building Estimator help you design a custom metal building.

Our 3D Estimator provides customization options from tip to toe resulting in a fully customized metal building that will fit your expectations and fulfill your commercial requirements. Above all, you can visualize your building before order placement.

What more do you want? You are just a call away from your dream building. Reach us at 877-801-3263 and let us serve 100% American-manufactured commercial buildings.

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