30'W x 40'L x 10'H Metal Garage with Porch

30’x40’x10′ Metal Garage with Porch

30'W x 40'L x 10'H Metal Garage with Porch
Sep, 2019

Viking Steel Structures featured 30’x40’x10′ Metal Garage with Porch which is more of a metal garage extended to give a porch. This metal garage has a unique design that can allure most of the potential buyers. This garage can serve your multiple needs, including storage, home office, parking, and more.

30’x40’x10′ Metal Garage with Porch Specifications:

  • 30’x8′ Open Porch
  • (2) 10’x10′ Garage Doors
  • (1) 30″x30″ Windows
  • (1) 36″x80″ Walk-in Door
  • (1) Gable
  • Vertical Roof

This metal garage can be ordered with a deposit of $2111 including FREE Delivery and Installation. The final price of this metal garage is $13,195 (plus local tax) which can vary as per the locations due to code ratings.

To order this steel garage, you can call our metal building specialists at 877-801-3263 and ask for SKU – 304010MGP.

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Uses of Metal Garage with Porch:

This metal garage comes with an extended roof giving it a porch in its front. This structure can be used for various applications including:

Farm Equipment Storage: To store your farm equipment, hay & grains; you need an enclosed storage unit. This metal garage offers ample space to store your essentials and protect them from moisture and all weather conditions.

Home Office: If you are looking to set up your office, but falling short of space, this metal garage can be used as a home office where you can add the required amenities to make it a fully operational office for your team. You can even manage the available space in different cabins as per the requirements.

Man Cave/She-Shed: Nowadays, there is a huge demand for a private space where you can spend time in your hobbies or start a new business. The man cave is the best solution to such problems. You can use the man cave to fulfill your passion or start a small business like yoga classes, tutions or others. The same can be transformed into a She-shed for women.

Car Parking: This garage has two roll-up garage doors at the end, which allows you to park two midsize cars or trucks easily. The 32′ parking length of this garage is sufficient for parking two cars, motorhome, camper or any other midsize vehicle.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 877-801-3263 and Order this vertical metal garage with our easy Finance option.

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