30’W X 70’L X 12’H All Vertical Side Entry Garage

30X70X12 All Vertical Side Entry Garage

Jun, 2019

Are you looking for extra space for your new vehicle? Or you want an additional room to perform your hobbies? Side Entry Garages are multi-functional buildings that can fulfill all your purposes.

Some of the Benefits of Side Entry Garages

  • Aesthetics – Side-entry garages can enhance the beauty of your house and can be customizable, which includes roof style, color options, walk-in doors, windows, and much more. These buildings cover unused space, and it can be installed horizontally. The elite look of these buildings makes them superior when compared to other metal garages.
  • Convenience – These garages are convenient as it provides as an extended space for the owners to move their vehicles in and out of the garage. Also, in these metal garages, you can park different vehicles together like car, trucks, ATVs, boats, and even you can store equipment.
  • Lighting – Another advantage of these side entry garages is that these buildings provide proper sunlight, which is very important as the lack of natural light will allow many insects to come out, which can be hazardous for you as well as for the building. If the metal building has a concrete floor, then it is 99% insect-free, but if it has a ground or gravel surface, there are more chances for insects to come.
  • Maintenance Free – These side entry carports do not require any extra maintenance as it is made with American Steel which is rust-free & durable for decades. These garages can also be used for a variety of uses which, includes workshops, commercial buildings, and other storage purposes.

Viking Steel Structures offer an outdoor solution for your requirements and have a wide range of customization options which can fulfill all your storage and parking needs.

 30’ x 70’ x 12’ All Vertical Side Entry Garage Specifications

30′ wide x 70′ long x 12′ walls all vertical side entry garage includes

  • (5) 10′ wide x 8′ tall garage doors
  • (1) 36″ x 80″ walk-in door
  • All vertical panels

You can buy this building with a down payment of $3929.60 and pay the remaining amount after installation. Final price of this building is $24,560.00 plus local taxes, which may vary as per the location.  For more building-related details, you can call us at 877-801-3263 and mention SKU: 307012AVSEG or check 30x70x11 All Vertical Side Entry Garage

We are offering flexible payment options, “Rent-To-Own” and “Financing” in most areas. Our rent-to-own comes with instant approvals without the need for a credit check.  We also have collaboration with banks that offer quick finance at best rates. To calculate your RTO month-on-month payments, use our Rent-to-own Calculator and buy your building today.

Benefits of Metal Building Financing

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Same as cash available for 3, 6 and 12 months terms
  • Financing available up to 25k building price
  • Pay off anytime

Our metal buildings are made using the best materials and customizable with the features you need. Paint your metal building with the color you dreamt of by choosing the color option from our metal building color planner tool, and then customize it according to your requirements and other upgrades.

Note: The building prices vary based on location due to code ratings. Also, the land must be leveled for us to install your building.

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