18'W x 35'L x 10'H Metal Garage with Carport

18’x35’x10′ Metal Garage with Carport

18'x35'x10' Metal Garage with Carport
Aug, 2019

What comes to your mind when you search for a Metal Garage added with a Metal Carport?

A Utility Carport is the ideal option that you can buy to safeguard your vehicles from harsh weather conditions as well as use it as a separate metal garage. The metal carport can be used to shelter your vehicle, watercraft, & other equipment added with an enclosed garage for storage purposes.

Viking Steel Structures features 18’x35’x10′ Metal Garage with Carport that comes with a combo unit of a Metal Garage and a Metal Carport.

18’x35’x10′ Metal Garage with Carport Specifications:

  • 18’x20′ Enclosed Garage
  • 18’x15′ Open Carport
  • (1) 10’x10′ Garage Door
  • (1) 6’x6′ Garage Door
  • (1) 36″x80″ Walk-in Door

Order this Combo Unit with a down payment of just $1,338 and pay the remaining balance at the time of building installation. Final price of this metal building is $8,365 plus local tax, which may vary as per the locations. To order this utility carport, you can call us at 877-801-3263 and ask for SKU – 183510MGWC to get a quick quote OR visit our Buy from Photos for more details.

Benefits of Metal Garage with Carport:

A Metal Garage with Carport is useful for multiple applications, some of them are mentioned below:

Extra Storage Space: There is always a benefit of having an extra storage space. Whether you want to store your household equipment or any maintenance tools, this utility carport will be an ideal option to choose.

Maximum Use of Available Space: When you are restricted with the available space, the installation of a Metal Garage with Carport is completely incomparable. You can use the available space as a metal garage as well as a carport, offering multiple applications within the restricted area.

Low Maintenance: The Utility Carport installed on your property doesn’t require frequent maintenance, saving your time and effort. The metal garage with a carport requires little maintenance, which can be done quickly.

Cost-Effective: When you are going to buy one such building, the price is always a big issue. However, the Metal Garage with Carport is the most reliable option that you can order within your budget. Similar to other building materials, steel is an economic component of construction.

Durability: The metal utility carport is capable of withstanding harsh weather elements and keeping your vehicle or other essentials protected from rain, wind, and heavy snowfall.

Are you worried about its price?

With Viking Steel Structures, there is no need to worry about the price as we have RTO and Financing options that can help you purchase your dream metal building with a minimal upfront amount.

RTO Program: The Rent-to-Own program allows you to purchase any metal building with the same-day loan approval. For RTO, you don’t require to share your Credit Score, making the entire approval process simple and quick. You can even calculate your month-on-month payment using our Rent-To-Own Calculator and order your building today.

Financing Option: Under the financing option, you will be permitted to get a loan on all the metal buildings above $25K. So, if you are planning to own any metal utility carport, there is no better option than taking the finance facility.

So, what are you waiting for? ORDER TODAY to own this Utility Carport with our easy Finance/RTO option.

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