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Metal Building Repair and Maintenance

While metal buildings are durable, tough, and sturdy, like any other type of structure, they sometimes require repairs. Oftentimes, repairs are covered under warranty, but this is not always the case. Let’s look at some common metal building repairs, how they’re done, and what you can do to maintain your metal building to stave off metal building repairing.

Why Do Metal Buildings Need Repairs?

Metal buildings, while super rugged, are not impervious to damage from wind, heavy snow, and other perils. While your warranty covers many repairs, weather-related repairs are seldom covered by warranty, so you’ll have to find a repairman to do them for you.


Repairs may become necessary to various areas of your metal carport building, including the building’s:

  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Specialized components
  • Frame

Some of the most common metal building repairs seen in the industry include repairs to walls damaged by storms or other weather events. Wall panels that are dented, have rusted through, or have become punctured must usually be replaced. A common replacement tactic is achieved by cutting and pasting – the bad parts are removed and replaced with new sections. Sometimes an entire panel must be reinstalled, while cutting and pasting may be another reasonable route, depending on the extent of the damage.

Maintaining Your Metal Building or Steel Structure

Degraded insulation is another common type of metal building repair. This involves removing the old insulation and putting in new. Various things may cause insulation to require removal and replacement; mold due to water damage is a big offender.Leaking roofs also pose another big challenge to metal building owners, necessitating roofing repair. If your building is designed with skylights, leaking around the skylight can sometimes be a problem as the building gets older; this is oftentimes due to the sun’s UV rays dehydrating the oils found in the panels, causing them to crack and exposing threads of fiberglass.


Steel buildings are among the easiest to maintain structures in the industry. However, it still requires some elbow grease on your part to keep your steel building in tip-top shape. With a little well-thought maintenance, you can extend the life of your building and keep it looking its best for years. Some tips for maintaining your steel structure:


  • Be on the lookout for problems. When you buy your steel building from Viking Steel Structures, you get the peace of mind in knowing your building is erected accurately and efficiently. However, you still need to be mindful of your building’s condition. Perform a check on the major structures inside your building each six months, and record the dates of any inspections, repairs you make, and other info that might be helpful if a problem occurs.


  • Avoid letting snow or water settle around your building. This can harm the foundation and cause problems. It can also cause your building to rust or lead to bending and damage of the building’s panels. Redirect moisture away from your building, and keep watch on moisture.


  • Give your building an annual wash. Prevent fungus buildup and other unsightly occurrences by washing your building once a year with ammonia and warm water. Use a power washer set on low pressure or a soft brush to aid you in your task.


  • Don’t let repairs build up. Perform any necessary repairs ASAP to prevent further damage.

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