Why Should You Prefer Lean-to Shed Over Free-Standing Shed?

Why Should You Prefer Lean-to Shed Over Free-Standing Shed?

Why Should You Prefer Lean-to Shed Over Free-Standing Shed?
Mar, 2022

Most homeowners diagnose the need for a garden shed that can be used for a myriad of purposes, including:

  • Storage of Lawn equipment
  • Storage of outdoor furniture
  • Open party area
  • Open play area for kids
  • Vehicle parking space, etc.

Installing a garden shed is a one-time investment; hence most buyers thoroughly research the best and most suited shed for their garden. You get two big options for a garden shed, i.e., a freestanding shed and a metal lean-to shed.

Both are a good investment option, but experts highly recommend you prefabricated lean-to shed that gives advantages over freestanding sheds.

Below are the reasons you should consider buying lean-to metal sheds over freestanding sheds.

More Strength: The strength of your lean-to shed matters when you are making a one-time investment. A freestanding structure entirely relies on its four columns! It means the strength of such a structure is entirely dependent on the strength of the four pillars.

On the other hand, the lean-to metal shed shares a wall with the existing structure, ensuring higher strength than a freestanding structure. With a prefab lean-to shed, you get a complimentary area to use for whatever purpose you want.

Quick Installation: Buyers often consider the installation time when selecting a building. With no surprise, lean-to steel sheds are quick and easy to build. Factually these structures rely on the existing building. Furthermore, lean-to sheds come in prefabricated components that only require onsite assembly. Hence, your time and additional labor requirement are reduced significantly. You can even order a DIY lean-to shed if you have sufficient knowledge to install it by yourself.

Plenty of Storage Options: A metal lean-to is attached to an existing steel structure. Hence, you get one wall to install anchor holders for handing numerous items. Steel walls are strong enough to hold a heavyweight, which isn’t present in the freestanding structure. Often the freestanding structure is built with thin wooden walls that lack the required strength for wall anchors. In short, you need to compromise with the strength if you own a freestanding shed.

Enough Storage Area: A freestanding shed will always acquire significant garden space that might create a mess hovering in the garden. However, the lean-to shed is attached to the existing building, which gives you an open and wide usage area for storage or parking.

Installing a freestanding shed means you are left with limited space surrounding four sides of the structure. However, a lean-to structure gives you a large usage area attached to the existing structure; hence, it offers you an uncovered area on three sides.

Overall Cost: Initial cost always matters for first-time shed buyers. Freestanding sheds are mostly wood-made, which initially costs you less but requires heavy maintenance afterward. However, the steel lean-to shed requires minimal maintenance, which results in the lower overall cost of owning a shed.

With a lean-to structure, you are expanding the cover area via a single structure, whereas a freestanding structure results in two separate structures on your land. The choice is yours! The above-given points will help you acknowledge the importance of lean-to metal structure. Rest you can decide based on your needs, budget, and personal preferences.

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What Next? If you have reached here, it’s time to make a smart decision right now and soon experience the unmatched traits of a metal lean-to shed with additional parking and storage area.