Why are Metal Horse Barns gaining popularity?

Why are Metal Horse Barns gaining popularity?

Oct, 2018

As a horse lover, you always want the best for them. When it comes to giving shelter to horses, several questions come to our mind as horse owners. Which type of material would be the best choice for a horse shelter? What kind of design should you choose? Can it be customized to fit my needs? Viking Steel Structures has the answers to all your questions. A Barn metal building will be the perfect choice if you want a shelter for your livestock as well as can use it to store the hay and your vehicle in the same structure. You can also select the type and style of barn that suit your needs and budget with our custom options available. The metal buildings we offer are made with premium quality materials, along with galvanized steel to give your structure the strength it needs in extreme weather conditions.

Wood and metal barns both provide adequate shelter for your horses, but there are some distinct advantages to choosing a metal barn over wood. Let’s look at some of the reasons:

Metal horse barns can be cleaned quickly without much hassle. These buildings are made with metal sheet, which doesn’t damage easily, thus reducing the likelihood of forming gaps for moisture to enter and create dampness. The less complicated structures keep the environment clean and healthy for the horses to live.

Metal horse barns are designed in a way to withstand even worst weather conditions by adding extra anchors, braces, and legs to your building and making it certified for your area to be installed. Another benefit of this, it keeps your horses dry and safe. Whether its storm, heavy rainfall, or high winds, it can handle harsh weather and maintain structural integrity.

Metal barns are easy to clean and maintain as it does not needs to repaint every couple of years since the sheet panels are colored while the manufacturing process.  Even if there is any scratch in the paint or some other problem, it is easily resolved as touch-ups are fast and easy.

We want to showcase one of our most popular 42′ x 36′ x 13’/10′ Regular Roof Horse Barn, which can be perfect for all your needs. You can quickly get this building with paying a down payment of $1,900.40 only. Viking Steel Structures allows you to pay the remaining amount at the installation time.

The center unit of 42′ x 36′ x 13′ Steel Horse Barn is 18’W x 36’L x 13’H with (2) Gable ends. This Barn also includes (2) Fully Enclosed 12′ x 36′ x 10′ Lean-To with sides & ends closed, (6) header bars with (6) 9′ x 8′ Garage doors, and (2) 30″ x 30″ Windows. Final price of this robust barn is $16,840 plus local taxes. Since code ratings differ at all locations, you may see a price difference based on the location.

  • Custom options to design the building your way
  • Quick Rent-to-Own approvals
  • Finance option available
  • 20 years rust through warranty with normal care and maintenance
  • 10 years panel warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Available in up to 15 color options
  • 5 options for Garage door colors and many more.

Viking Steel Structures is an authorized dealer of leading manufacturers in the industry and thus offers only American-manufactured buildings which are built with strong metal to last long with great offers and deals. Call us at 877-801-3263 if are looking for a different building type of need changes in the above. Our building specialists can assist you in creating your own building design, custom-made just for you!!

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