What Makes Three Car Metal Garages Your Best Investment?

What Makes Three Car Metal Garages Your Best Investment?

What Makes Three Car Metal Garages Your Best Investment?
Dec, 2020

Buying or constructing your dream home gives you complete liberty to live life your way. A well-constructed and lavish house can bestow all the essential amenities that your family dreamt of.

However, adding a three-car metal garage is a supplement to its overall beauty. Many people think that triple garages are limited to what they can do but a standard 3-car garage can work for numerous purposes. Further, it can be extended as per your personalized needs. There are various other benefits of three-car garages that you shouldn’t miss to learn.

Get More Space: Everyone knows that a homeowner always makes a one-time investment to build their dream home. It’s hard for a traditional building to expand or renovate from scratch, but it is not a problem with a steel building. In terms of size, three-car garages usually start at 20′ wide but can go up to 30′ wide if needed or desired.

Three car metal garages are the right option to install at your land and utilize it for endless functions (including storage, parking, man cave, she shed, etc.). Further, limiting yourself to two-car garage will make you regret it later. Hence why don’t you install a three-car steel garage and enjoy the rest of your life utilizing ample storage & parking space?

Make it Your Party Spot: Who said that metal garages are only for storage or parking purposes? Well, in the vast space with no columns within, you can convert a three-car garage into a party spot. Whether you own vehicles or not, your metal garage can be a gathering spot that lets you enjoy time with your family/friends. Most homeowners have two cars that are easy to park in a three-car metal garage. The additional space can be useful for regular vehicle maintenance, storage of garage equipment, lawnmower, or other recreational equipment. In short, you have ample room to enjoy your day.

Easily Transform Three-Car Garage into Any Design: With time, requirements change. Hence, you look for a feasible option to transform your existing structure into something else (like an office, in-house gym, yoga/training centre, etc.). However, with a three-car garage, you have diverse options to use and fulfill your requirements. The metal garage gives you ample space, and easy to transform the building into whatever house plan you want. Metal garages can be easily extended as required.

So, are you still looking to enhance your property with a metal garage? Talk to our metal building experts and choose the perfect fit three car metal building for your house.

Economical Metal Buildings: Steel building saves your pocket as they are available at a lower price compared to conventional wood structures. Our bigger three car garages are available in side entry option making it the cheapest buildings you can buy to protect three cars. You can checkout 3-car metal garage prices and choose the best-suited facility for your needs.

Open Area with No Columns: Metal buildings are made with no internal columns. It makes the steel structures the perfect investment over other building alternatives.

Real-Time Customization: With our metal building 3D estimator, you can now design any building that suits your personal/professional necessities. Once you are satisfied with the design, it’s easy to order it with minimal time consumption.

Fire Resistance: Wood burns down to ashes, but steel doesn’t. Hence your entire assets are safe from fire and other natural disasters. Steel is a 100% incombustible construction option that people highly prefer for their valuables’ complete safety.

Short Installation Time Required: Steel structures come in prefabricated components that are pre-punched. Hence, they need to be bolt-together at the job site saving your installation time.

Low Maintenance Cost: When it comes to prefab metal buildings, you require minimal maintenance cost. You can order a certified metal building that provides certification against harsh weather elements.

100% Recyclable Buildings: Metal buildings are entirely made of steel, which is 100% recyclable. That’s the reason the demand for metal structures is gradually increasing with time. Steel is 100% recyclable metal that you can rely on without taking a second thought.

For customers who want to shelter more than a few cars, vehicles or need just a little more space than the average steel garage, a three-car metal garage building is the ideal structure you’ve been looking for! You only need to take care that when you choose your three-car garage size dimensions, it’s good to consider the future requirements now and buy a garage that will accommodate your current needs as well as the future.

Hence, the above-explained features are the ultimate reasons that inspire any homeowner who may want to consider a custom 3-car steel garage for their requirements.