What Can Metal Building Buyers Expect After Steel Price Hike?

What Can Metal Building Buyers Expect After Steel Price Hike?

What Can Metal Building Buyers Expect After Steel Price Hike?
Aug, 2021

Soon after the price of steel increased globally, the metal building industry is affected the most. Buyers are now getting prefab metal buildings at a higher price than before. That’s the reason why many customers/buyers are looking for a better alternative.

With steel price hikes, the mindset of numerous buyers has changed, however they are still aware of the unmatched potential of steel buildings over other traditional structures.

Many of you wonder what causes the price of steel. Numerous reasons collectively affect the steel price. Below listed are the prime reasons that result in fluctuation of steel price.

Cost of Raw Material: The increased price of raw material is one strong reason behind increased steel price. Steel production involves raw materials like coal, natural gas, oil, and many more. With the increase in any of the raw materials, steel price is affected. The increased cost is added to the steel and its by-products.

Supply and Demand: The demand in the market is a major factor behind increasing the price of any commodity. Simultaneously, with the increasing steel demand for numerous manufacturing activities, its price also increases with time. In short, with a high in-demand product/commodity, you have to pay a bit higher than its actual cost.

Shipping Costs: Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the demand has increased; however, the availability of raw materials has decreased due to lockdown in the worldwide market. This directly affects the transportation of raw material, and hence the shipping cost has increased than before. The increased transportation/ shipping cost is partially added to raw material and its by-products, i.e., steel.

Oil Prices: Oil is one of the crucial raw materials used for the production of steel. Hence, the fluctuation of oil in the global market has a direct influence on the steel product. Oil price is already moving atop that has affected the steel price proportional.

Price Hikes by Suppliers: Many suppliers across the globe are now looking forward to compensating for their losses (due to global lockdown). As a result, they have increased the base price of steel that directly affects the construction industry and the production of prefab metal buildings.

How Steel Price Hike Affects Cost of Prefab Steel Structures?

You are now familiar with how the increased price of raw materials affected steel prices. Simultaneously, the increased steel price has a direct impact on the metal building prices.

With the increase in steel prices, manufacturers have no other option than increasing building prices. Increased prices have directly affected the customers and manufacturers.

The increased price of steel has compelled numerous first-time buyers to switch to other alternatives. Many buyers are simultaneously looking for a better option to buy their dream steel building at a highly affordable price.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the legit and authorized metal building dealers in the United States of America. We understand the financial burden after the increase in building prices. Hence, we are here to provide you with a few tactics that can help you get a price cut in the final building price and get your dream structure at the lowest possible price.

Viking Steel Structures provides you two payment options that segregate your full building price into small monthly installments. The two options are:

Rent-To-Own Option: RTO by Viking Steel Structures is a feasible option for all buyers with a bad credit score. RTO offers you a loan with same-day approval. You can directly apply for the desired loan amount and get it approved with no time delay. For more knowledge about the RTO options, you can reach us at 877-801-3263.

Finance Option: Financing is the common option where banks consider your credit score and evaluate your potential to repay the loan. If approved, you are offered the sum. We have tie-ups with leading banks that provide easy repayment options.

Apart from these two financing options, you should prefer buying your dream building when most dealers or manufacturers have announced a special sale. Throughout the year, numerous sales are announced like Military Day Sale, Spring Sale, Christmas Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, and many more.

Always keep an eye on the ongoing sale and check out the discount percentage. If it meets your expectations, you should place your order immediately.

So, what more do you want? Even after a price hike, you have a few options that can help you buy your dream steel building at a discounted price. In short, you can get the structure with an old price tag. Give us a call today at 877-801-3263 and discuss your custom needs to book your structure right away.