Warehouse Construction Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Build a Warehouse?
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Warehouse Construction Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Build a Warehouse?

Warehouse Construction Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Build A Warehouse?
Nov, 2023

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by the first quarter of 2023, there were 21762 warehouses in America. Areas with the majority of the warehouses are in California, New York, Chicago, and some areas of Texas.

Being the consumerism capital of the world, America is seeing growth in the e-commerce market. Items are available at their fingertips, and people can quickly order anything. This has increased the demand for inventories to keep up with the growing demand for goods & services. Large inventories need larger warehouses to stock them.

But warehouses aren’t just any square or rectangular buildings; they require maintenance, too. The warehouses’ longevity, sturdiness, and durability are determined by how well they are constructed. Galvanized steels are the best bet currently in the market that can withstand extreme weather, pests, molds, wear & tear and will last you the longest.

Factors That Influences The Duration Of Steel Warehouse Buildings Are As Follows:

Legal Needs

Legal requirements vary with states across the United States. Since warehouses are generally meant for holding business inventories and goods, the level of regulation will also vary with the type of industry.

For example, a company that needs a storage facility for medicinal goods will have to go through more extensive legalities than a company that sells décor items.

Its Type

You can have any type of warehouse – cold storage, clear span, or regular metal building. Nowadays, there are modern & advanced warehouses with automation systems.

These types of storage units with automatic machinery will take more time to construct. A cold storage unit will need to follow more regulations, restrictions, and guidelines; hence, it will take more time to construct.


At what location do you want to install your metal warehouse buildings? Your site will be inspected to determine which type of foundation suits you best. Generally, for large structures, a concrete foundation is recommended.

For unprepared land, more time will be taken to construct storage. If the land is not suitable, the soil needs to be transported from other areas to the lot; this will increase the time of installation.


Material type plays a role in how fast your warehouse construction takes place. The fastest design that finishes up within a week or so is definitely a prefab metal structure. These are pre-cut and pre-drilled in the factory itself.

So, at the installation site, it just needs to be assembled, saving both time & labor costs. Viking Steel Structures offers certified high-quality steel buildings at competitive prices with easy payment methods of RTO (rent to own) and finance for those who can’t pay the full price at once. So, call us to book your steel warehouse now.


The larger the size, the more time it takes for the construction team to finish working. If you have chosen a large and complex design, it may take up to a month to finish the project. Apart from the storage unit, you can also have a sampling unit, office area, or a small store for people to take a fresh look at your product. Of course, this means more square footage and more time to finish the work.


You can add the following to your metal warehouse to increase its efficiency.

  • Larger doors for loading & unloading goods
  • Windows for ventilation
  • Skylights for natural lights
  • Mezzanine floors to make the best use of your area
  • Office space
  • Employee area for resting & break
  • Automated machines
  • Wider aisle to create ease of access to goods

These are one-time costs & will help operate the warehouse in a better way. However, it will demand more time to get completed. The fastest installation would be a simple square-shaped prefab metal building.

Some Typical Sizes Of Steel Warehouses Are Given Below:

All sizes below are width x length x height in ft.

  • 54x40x14
  • 50x52x14
  • 60x60x14
  • 50x90x10
  • 50x48x14

The Metal Warehouse Construction Process:

Getting A Quote

Before you finalize any deal with a steel builder, ask for a quote and compare it with others available in the market. This will give you a rough idea about the market price of the warehouse you want. After comparing prices, you can choose the one that fits your bill.

Note that some dealers do not offer shipping and installation, which will incur extra charges. Not only that, most metal builders do not offer foundation work; therefore, you will need to hire a team to build the base before the construction team arrives. This will add to the cost.

Structural Blueprint Approval

Usually, it will take about one to three weeks to create the final design and get approval. You will have to get your building approved by the local authority before the construction begins.

Any changes after installation will incur additional costs. Note that during the design phase, you must pay extra attention to layout, machine location, automated equipment, etc., which must be designed correctly.

Give A Keen Eye To All Detailing

Ensure all your raw materials have arrived at your construction site. Any missing pieces may cause a delay in finishing the installation. Details such as steel gauge, panel thickness, dimensions, etc., must be consistent throughout the entire building.

If you are designing a retail cum storage unit, you must look at the details to see if they fit your desired style. Viking Steel Structures offers a 3D designing tool that you can use to create your own metal building design without any hassle. You can even visualize your created design on your lot with the help of augmented reality (AR).

Manufacturing & Shipping To Site

Note here that some metal builders offer delivery and installation without additional charges. So, do not forget to ask about it. Prefab structures are produced in sections and transported at the installation site in batches. There, they are assembled together. If any batch is delayed or missing, they will slow down the construction process.

Preparing Foundation

Concrete is, beyond any doubt, the best choice for large warehouse construction. You can put the finishing touches to your floor with epoxy, polishing it to look like wood, concrete strains, and many more.

You can even give finishing touches to your metal building exterior with the help of an external façade option. They will make your retail store or storage unit look unique.


Now that all materials have arrived on site, only the installation process remains to be done. Before the assembling process begins, ensure that your utility lines are installed. Depending on the design and size, warehouse construction can take up to 6 months.

Larger warehouses with advanced technology, such as robotic arms, automated conveyor belts, packaging machines, etc., might take longer construction times than simpler ones.

Reflecting On The Discussion,

It is clear that steel warehouse buildings serve a pivotal role in maintaining the balance between supply & demand of various businesses. Metals, one of the most robust materials on Earth, are best suited for this challenge. So, get your first metal warehouse today.

Whether cold storage for perishable items such as food & medicine or stocking up on repeatedly selling goods, metal warehouses can store all your stuff efficiently. With no pests, mold, mildew, or rodents chewing through the metal panels, you can be confident that metal building will bring you more profit with less operating cost.

With Viking Steel Structures, the steel warehouse construction is quite straightforward and easy, especially if you have chosen a prefabricated engineered metal building (PEMB). Just call us at 877-801-3263 & we will handle the rest for you.

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