Top Add-On Features to Upgrade Your Metal Building

Top Add-On Features to Upgrade Your Metal Building

Top Add-On Features to Upgrade Your Metal Building
Jan, 2020

Metal Buildings are known for their versatility and avail full customizations to fulfill your specific needs. Pre-engineered metal buildings can easily adapt your transformation and serve you with the utmost quality shelter. You can utilize your steel building for multiple purposes by merely getting some changes to your steel structure.

Furthermore, steel buildings are not just versatile and pose several advantageous characteristics like durability, robustness, affordability, time-efficiency, energy-efficiency, recyclability, fire-resistivity, etc. You can’t get all these benefits together with any other building option. Hence, steel buildings become an ideal choice for you.

Do you know that you can also choose from a wide array of add-on features to customize your steel structure? Our customers are empowered with the ability to make their building their own through a variety of designs, sizes, roof styles, and add-ons.

Now, let’s move to some amazing metal building add-on features to accomplish your upgrade plans.

Roll-up Garage Doors: garage doors provide a comfortable entryway to park your cars, trucks, RV’s, etc. You can use these doors in your metal garage, barns, and commercial buildings to get flexible access according to your functional requirements. Uncertified garage doors are available from 6’x6′ to 14’x14,’ and certified garage doors range from 6’x6′ to 16’x16′. You can also acquire an automated garage door opener for convenient entry and exit. 

A Dutch opening is also employed on garage doors to enhance aesthetics and allow natural light.

Walk-in Doors: There are many walk-in doors options available to make your entrance easy. Although our designers consider all aspects and add suitable doors and openings to match your potential needs, you are also eligible to get extra walk-in doors to meet your specific requirements.

Windows: Windows not just allow lights but magnify looks of structures. The window also ensures air circulation inside building, preventing condensation and concerned issues. We offer two window options 30″ x30″ and 30″ x36″, you can choose any that suits you best.

Skylights: Skylights are also an addible feature and amplify luminance inside your structure. A few skylights in your metal building’s roof will let in natural light. Skylights reduce energy consumption during the daytime and become cost-saving. So, customize your skylights to deter many problems while maintaining a fantastic view.

Insulation: If your area faces lousy weather and you want the comfortable temperature inside the building, then insulation is the only solution to do so. Insulation not just stops heat exchange, but also prevents many issues. Metal building insulation terminates cause of condensation and eliminates possibilities of rust and corrosion. Moreover, insulation protects the building from harmful environmental elements and extends the building’s life span. Therefore, you can get multiple advantages with steel building insulation, and you must get it. 

Wainscoting: Wainscoting is interior and outside paneling to make your building more stylish and attractive. It is used to give a two-tone look to building and combination of right colors form an eye-loving view of your steel shed. So, flaunt your building with wainscoting.

Concrete Floor Coating: Most of the metal buildings have a concrete floor, and concrete floor coating is a reasonable upgrade. Concrete floor coating seals concrete from moisture and builds up resistive layer against chemicals. Along with protection, this coating gives an astonishing finish to the floor. Hence, you must get this add-on feature to enjoy both protection and look.

Lean-to: If you want an extra shed or space, then a lean-to shed can help you for sure. With lean-to garage, you can get a porch, animal housing, storage shed, parking shed, etc. additional structure shields you against heavy rains, snowfall, and sun rays. Hence, get a garage with lean-to for other space requirements. Viking Steel Structures have outstanding lean-to carportslean-to sheds, and lean-to garages to serve your specific building requirements with extra storage shed.

You can enjoy multiple functionalities with some transformation. You can create your custom metal building by using our 3D Estimator tool to self-design your building. So, call us at 877-801-3263 to order your metal building and mention required add-ons to our building experts.