The Perfect Golf Cart Shed To Match Your Style And Needs
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The Perfect Golf Cart Shed To Match Your Style And Needs

The Perfect Golf Cart Shed To Match Your Style And Needs
May, 2024

When you think of a golf cart, the first thing that comes to mind is large, green, and well-maintained golf courses. But in recent times, golf carts have become even more versatile vehicles. From compound security patrol, retirement communities, eco-friendly campuses, and resort mobility to warehouses and factories, there is a wide range of applications where golf carts can find their place.

These compact vehicles need storage space when not in use. That’s why we have metal golf cart sheds that are all-purpose and last long. But how do you know which one is the best choice? Let’s examine this more closely.

List Down All The Needs

What size golf cart do you want to store? Is there anything else you would like to store alongside it? How much space do you have on your property? A golf cart can be from a two-seater to an 8- to 12-seater.

Shed Size

For a single golf cart, a metal shed 6 x 10 (in ft.) will be enough. For height, you can opt for 8 ft. A small steel garage or metal carport will also work.


There must be enough space to park and easily remove the golf cart without bumping into any storage items. The shed must be accessible and easily maneuverable, especially with limited space.

Extra Space

If you need additional storage space, you can increase the length and add a walk-in door. The larger the cart, the more space it will require. Hence, when buying a golf cart for personal use, ensure that maintenance and storage won’t trouble you in the future.

What Design You Want?

Ensure your design meets local codes. We will discuss that later. But first, let’s look at some design features you can choose from. You can choose minimal or industrial design. For a traditional look, opt for a rustic or classic appearance.


A metal golf cart shed is the most durable and value for money. You can search online for golf cart sheds for sale to get the best deals. Other materials, like wood or vinyl, are also available, but the former demands quite a high upkeep while the latter is flimsy.


Extra features like windows, walk-in doors, ridge lighting, gutters, etc., add to the design but increase the overall price. So, ensure only to add functional accessories.


We offer colors for roof panels, trim, sidewalls, gable ends, and wainscots. For a finished look, you can choose a color that aligns with your existing property.

Adhere To The Building Codes


Each location has its own local guidelines based on community and weather conditions. Before buying, it is best to submit the blueprint and permit to get construction permission.

Are There Any Setback Rules?

How much space or gap must be between your main home and steel shed and between the shed and properly lined? This number varies with location as well.

Do I Need A Permit?

Generally, a shed of size 100 to 150 square feet, not meant for living, doesn’t require a permit, but it is best to ask about it instead of assuming.

Don’t Forget The Interior

If you want some storage space inside a golf cart storage shed, consider installing the following: You don’t need to install all; opt for one that fits the bill.

Pegboard Or Magnetic Board

To hold off some tools like wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.

Sturdy Hooks

These can be installed behind the walk-in door for hanging items like spades, racks, etc.

Shelves & Racks

They can hold a number of items off the floor, such as spare batteries, golf kits, golf cart maintenance items, and other items.

Bins Or Baskets

These are best for storing small items like balls, nuts & bolts, and other household storage items.

Regular Maintenance

Once your golf cart storage shed is installed, you can add it to your home insurance policy. It can easily be neglected since it isn’t part of the home. But what do you have to do for upkeep?

Metal sheds for golf carts are the easiest to maintain. They need cleaning once or twice a year. You can use warm water with mild detergent and a garden hose for cleaning. You can also rent out a pressure washer for an easy clean. Just make sure that it is at its lowest setting when in use. You can scrape any stain off with a soft bristle brush.

Still there? You made it!!

Here’s The List Of Things To Know Before Buying Sheds For Golf Carts

  1. Is it durable enough? Always buy high-quality metal structures from a reputed seller.
  1. Is the steel shed large enough to accommodate your golf cart? I prefer buying a larger shed so that you can keep all accessories, including a golf kit and spare parts, under the same roof.
  1. Don’t forget to ask about any warranty on the panels, rusting, or craftsmanship.
  1. Is there any restriction from your local authority on the design, roofing, or foundation of the shed? If yes, it is best to comply with them to avoid nasty surprises.
  1. Where can I get a metal golf cart shed? Look for a dealer with industry experience. Check online reviews and feedback from previous clients. Request a quote and compare them to get the best deal.
  1. Should I buy a golf cart shed for sale? Of course, you can find metal sheds for sale online or during the holiday season. Just remember to make sure you are getting quality steel that will last.
  1. Should I install it myself or hire a contractor? If you have prior construction experience, you can DIY a shed, as these are simple structures. If you are unsure, hiring a professional who will handle the task easily and complete the project in less time is best.
  1. How long will it take to install a metal golf cart storage shed? A simple metal shed can be installed within a few hours, but a complex and larger one might take up to a week or so. If you are DIYing, it will depend on how much time you are willing to allocate and how fast you can work.

Looking For An Impressive Metal Golf Cart Shed

Viking Steel Structures creates custom golf carts to meet clients’ specific requirements and budgets. Call 877-801-3263 now to buy a durable and stylish golf cart shed in just a few minutes. Customize your order with our various sizing and color options. Call us now!

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