Steel Building Kits: The Perfect Solution for Self-Storage Businesses

Steel Building Kits: The Perfect Solution for Self-Storage Businesses

Self-Storage Business
Jan, 2020

Self-storage businesses are facing a boom these days. According to SpareFoot, 50000 self-storage facilities are available across the country, generating revenue of $37 billion in 2019. Demand for self-storage business is enormous, and the Self Storage Association (SSA) says, 85 million Americans rent storage space. This number is continuously increasing, and according to Market Watch, the market growth rate is growing by 5% every year. So, there are giant opportunities to establish a self-storage business.

Are you about to start a self-storage business?

If yes, then you’ll need a reliable and efficient building to provide storage space. Steel building kits are the most cost-efficient, and tenacious building option for your business, on which you can trust blindly.

Let’s see some vital characteristics of metal building kits which you can’t get with any other building types, and make it the first choice to be your self-storage building.

Features of Metal Building Kits for Self-Storage Facilities

Speed of Occupancy:

Pre-engineered steel building kits are designed, engineered, and fabricated at the manufacturing plant in the form of components. So, your building will come to you ready for assembling, which doesn’t consume too much time and human efforts. Only, you need to attach parts with fasteners.

Steel building DIY kits don’t need a high skill level, and you can DIY installation if you have some experience of building and construction. Hence, you can get your building erected quickly, which is not possible with any other alternatives.

So, if you want to start your self-storage business asap, always consider steel building that can help you get your structure in minimum time.


Cost efficiency is the most desired feature by businesses. Firstly, steel building DIY kits are available at affordable prices, and you can save a substantial amount as compared to others. Furthermore, metal building DIY kits are easy to handle and reduce the labor required and, consequently, labor costs.

Hence, DIY kits don’t hit your capital cost for infrastructure. Moreover, metal buildings are immune to corrosion, and other elements, which diminish maintenance required. So, the operational cost of steel building is low, and the building stands for many decades

Hence, if you choose a steel building for your business, then you can cut-off your capital and operation cost with long-lasting service.

Strength & Longevity:

 A durable and robust building is all required for a self-storage business. A building that can complete surefire protection of your client’s stuff, and stands for decades without losing the quality of service. Steel building kits can give you all these features. Steel has maximum strength to weight ratio, which makes it withstand harshest weather conditions like blizzards, hailstorms, hurricanes, etc.

Along with strength, steel is highly durable and ensures the utmost safety of stored products for a long period. Although steel has appreciable properties, we always prefer galvanized commercial grade steel to house your heavy-duty functional needs.

Our all-metal buildings are certified for wind and snow load, hurricane rated, and serve you top quality shelter. So, you don’t have to worry about anything when our steel building kits got your back.


This feature you can only get with steel building kits. If you want to self install your building, then our DIY metal building kits can help you. Other building options like wooden and concrete don’t allow you to construct, and professionals are mandatory.

Steel building kits come with a proper plan & marked instructions to ease and guide the erection process. So, erect your self-storage building with steel building DIY kits.

Apart from freedom of installation, you can self-design your building with our designing tool, 3D Estimator.


Metal is an inorganic element and non-combustible, unlike wood. So, you can assure fire safety with a steel building. Steel building doesn’t entertain fire, which is favorable for business because everyone knows that metal doesn’t burn and more likely to trust you for their stuff storage. Hence, you can easily match safety standards with your metal self-storage building.

These are some benefits of steel building kits, which makes these top choices for self-storage facilities. You can get the best returns in terms of value on steel building investment. With a perfect metal building DIY kits, you have a big opportunity to revitalize your business, grow your wealth and sharpen your competitive edge. So, start your amazing self-storage with our metal building DIY kits.

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