How Soil Affect Metal Building Installation Process?

How Soil Affect Your Metal Building Installation Process?

How Soil Affect Your Metal Building Installation Process
Sep, 2019

What foundation do you consider for metal building installation?

Installation of any metal building requires a strong foundation that can withstand natural hazards like high wind, heavy snowfall & rain. The soil foundation you choose directly impacts the life of your metal building. Some soils are vulnerable to erosion, while other soil types can confront harsh weather for decades, offering a long life to your building.

What are the different types of soil, and how should you ensure the right foundation for your metal building installation?

Before we move to the right soil selection for your steel building installation, you should know what soil properties can deliver a strong foundation for your building.

Mostly it is believed that the composition of soil and silt is the right option to make the foundation for any metal buildings. However, the primary focus should always be made on the type of soil that allows natural water runoff along with sustainability during heavy rain or snowfall. If the soil on your property can withstand such weather problems, you can stay assured of the right foundation and can proceed with the metal building installation on a hassle-freeway.

Different Types of Soil:

There are multiple layers of soil on land where one soil has a deep layer than the others. The places/property where bedrock is commonly found are appreciated for metal building installation as they can offer significant support to your building with a strong base. The bedrock or gravel in your land is an excellent foundation for installing any steel building, including steel carports, workshops, garages, barns, and more.

Clay is another type of soil that people think can offer a strong foundation for metal building. However, clay can absorb water which results in its expansion or contraction. Furthermore, the clay experiences cracks during heavy rainfall, which directly affects the steel building’s stability. However, you can use the clay foundation your property is not a flood-prone area and doesn’t experience heavy rainfall.

Problems with Soil Foundation:

The major problem that soil foundation causes are sinking or leaning of your metal structure. During the installation phase, the problem doesn’t seem to occur.

However, with time, your metal structures start to sink into the ground, causing various issues to your building foundation. In such a case, your building may even collapse, causing human casualty and wealth loss. It is an entirely worthless investment that you make for building installation, which ends up with mental and financial problems.

Which Soil Is The Best Suited for Your Metal Building?

If you are living in a place that witnesses heavy rainfall, snowfall, or high winds throughout the year, it’s essential to use gravel on your property and make the foundation strong. Also, you should skip installing the sand and silt foundation on your property which is more prone to erosion and supports water pooling around your metal building.

You have two common ways to make your foundation, i.e., traditional flat slab and step-down slab.

The traditional flat slab has the exact dimensions as your metal building. On the other hand, the step-down slab has small dimensions that are specially designed to keep the water out of the enclosed garage. In case you have frequent rainfall in your area, you are considered to go with the step-down slap that allows natural water runoff.

In the metal building installation process, you can choose any foundation that you find suitable for your area. There are four types of construction foundations that you can choose from:

  • Soil Base
  • Asphalt Base
  • Concrete Base
  • Wooden Base

You can choose any of them as per your land and local building installation regulations. Once the foundation is complete, you can proceed with the metal building installation process.

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So, research thoroughly before finalizing the Soil base and choose the right steel building afterward.