Protecting Your Grain Investment With A Steel Grain Storage Building
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Protecting Your Grain Investment With A Steel Grain Storage Building

Protecting Your Grain Investment With A Steel Grain Storage Building
Mar, 2024

As your crop plants mature, it is time to harvest. After a long, hard-working week, you need a reliable shelter to keep your yellow gold safe and secure. Metal buildings for storing grain are the best option available. Easy to ship and assemble, they provide long-lasting structural durability that can serve you for decades to come. The cherry on the cake is that they demand little upkeep compared to traditional structures. But what’s wrong with keeping grains outside?

The Problems Farmers Have To Face When Storing Grains Outside


The same water that serves as an essence for growing crops becomes a pain when it comes to storing them. Moisture is the enemy of grains. It can invite mold and mildew. The crops may become unfit for human consumption if not stored properly.


Grain weevils are common in the United States. They create burrows in piles and ruin the quality of grain. If this happens, a farmer may have to sell insect damaged kernels for discounts.


The smell of grain can attract many wildlife for food. Not only will they steal your hard work, but they will also damage the quality of the grain. For instance, rodents might house in piles of grains. That’s not good for farmers. So, what to do?

The Solution: Galvanized Steel Grain Storage Building

Advantages of Zinc Bath Steel

Modern-day steel buildings are a great alternative to traditional wood barns. It is bathed in molten zinc, creating a shield all over the surface. This shield helps protect the steel from rusting. Investing in one would be beneficial for farmers. Make sure to buy your metal grain storage structure from a reputed seller to ensure you are getting a high quality product.

Cost Effective In the Long Run

The initial cost of setting up metal grain sheds might be higher, but it pays off in the long run. You don’t have to run every now and then to termite control and inspection professionals and spend a lump sum amount. Let’s see how much you can benefit from a steel structure.

Can Survive Harsh Weather

A certified steel grain storage building can withstand high-speed winds, heavy rainfall, and even snowfall. The steel surface has low friction, which enables all dust, debris, and water from rain and snow to slide off as soon as they fall upon it.

You can rest assured your months of labor will be safe and sound under a steel shelter.

Keeps Pests Away

Metal is dense and hard to chew, so it does not encourage pests like rodents, termites, and other insects to enter inside. Even birds can’t enter inside without your permission, so there is no need to spend a hefty amount on a pest protection and eradication team.

No Rot Or Decay

Metal structures are inorganic by nature. They are produced by mining the earth’s crust. Once made, they neither rot nor decay with time. That’s because, unlike wood, metal does not absorb water content or let fungi thrive on it.

Not only that, it can be recycled many times without losing its strength and durability. You can’t get that from a wood barn.

Metal Is Non-Combustible

Wildfires are sudden and uncalled for, but they are out of your control. So, what can you do? Metal grain storage buildings can be coated with a fireproof coating that helps the structure withstand fire for up to four hours. This will give you enough time to call for help and extinguish the fire.

Insurance & Investment

Since steel structures are sturdy and robust and can bear daily wear and tear, including resistance to various elements, insurance companies are interested in offering up to 30% discounts on their premiums. You are not just investing in a metal structure to save crops. It can also be used for various other farm applications.

Now, you must be wondering, what will you do with metal sheds or barns after you have sold your crops? Do not worry! Metal buildings are so versatile that they can be repurposed for almost any use in agriculture. Have a look at some of them below.

  1. Sheltering tractors, seeders, harvesters, crop dusters, etc.
  2. As a livestock shelter
  3. Keep farm tools such as rakes, shovels, sprayers, wheelbarrows, axes, fertilizer spreaders, etc.
  4. Creating a mezzanine floor to keep sacks of grains, fruits, or veggies.
  5. Creating an office, living space, loafing shed, etc., by remodeling a steel structure.

A steel barn will preserve your farm products long enough for you to sell them at the right market price, amplifying your chances of making more profit.

How Can You Use Metal Buildings For Storing Grain?

There are many ways in which American farmers store their farm yield. You can use metal storage structures for grains in various sizes and types. Some of them are listed below:

  1. On-farm storage
  2. Cellars
  3. Inside metal barns
  4. Metal sheds
  5. Steel bins
  6. Galvanized steel elevators
  7. Metal bunkers
  8. Steel silos
  9. Metal Quonset on the field

Don’t Let Grain Go In Vain, Get Grain Sheds Today

Save your hard work, and valuable harvests go to waste! Traditional wooden barns or sheds won’t cut it when protecting your crops, hay, and feed. Upgrade to a metal grain storage structure from Viking Steel Structures and enjoy its numerous benefits. We even offer customized metal buildings that fit your farm needs. Act now and call us at 877-801-3263 to receive a free quote and secure your harvests’ future.

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