Plan a Perfect Equestrian Arena with Prefab Metal Building
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Plan a Perfect Equestrian Arena with Prefab Metal Building

May, 2022

Every horse owner dreams of establishing an indoor riding arena for their favorite equine. Apart from being a dream, having a substantial equestrian arena for your horses comes with many advantages. The advantages of putting up an indoor riding arena are listed below.

  • Provides an ideal and controlled environment to teach lessons to your equestrian
  • Provides a completely isolated (personal) area with zero outside distractions
  • Provides the perfect place to live and stay away from mishaps
  • Provides high-end protection from harsh weather

That said, most horse owners have understood the immense need for a dedicated riding arena. Now comes the big task, i.e., selecting the right arena and installing it on your land.

For first-time buyers, each step in finding and ordering an appropriate equestrian arena that can serve and safeguard your horses for a long time should be carefully considered.

Metal Equestrian Arena vs. Wood Arena

You have two brilliant possibilities for installing a long-lasting riding arena: wood and metal. Surprisingly, these two vary in terms of many elements to consider while selecting.

Yes! If you are looking for modern building solutions, metal is undoubtedly the right and most preferred investment. The steel riding arena serves your versatile needs and outranks wood structures to a greater extent.

Below are compelling reasons why the steel equestrian arena serves you best.

Longevity: First and foremost, longevity is a significant concern in wood riding arena. Life of a standard wood structure is 1-2 decades which is half the life of a metal area. It means with one-time installation; you can enjoy using your metal horse barn for 3-4 decades following minimal maintenance.

Health of Equestrians: Using wood for riding the arena isn’t recommended as it can cause health issues to horses. Wood is usually painted to make them weatherproof (to some extent). However, horses can chew wood when eating their food, consuming toxic chemicals alongside wood. On the other hand, metal remains damage-free from such incidents.

NOTE: Experts suggest avoiding using paint if you consider wood for a horse-riding arena.

Resistant to Fire: Horses are more like family members for most owners. Hence, they always look for a fire-resistant structure to safeguard their beloved horses alongside haystacks during a natural or man-made mishap.

Steel horse barns are fireproof, whereas wood is vulnerable to wildfires or man-made fire accidents. In short, you will compromise their security after considering a wood horse barn.

Pests & Termites: Another big heck for horse owners is pests, wood ants, termites, and other fungal troubles that can cause damage to wood easily and create health issues for horses. Steel is free from such problems and keeps your riding arena completely healthy and long-lasting. You can rely on steel structures post-installation.

The presence of termites and pests in your wood structure directly attacks horse equipment, including saddle, girth, blanket, etc., placed in your tack room.

Large Area Availability: Availability of usable space also matters when comparing wood and metal barns. Wood barns require internal columns if you want to get a big barn. It means you are restricted to using a limited area for your needs.

On the contrary to this, steel riding structures come with zero internal columns. These structures efficiently serve you with high strength with no supporting columns. Moreover, it gives you 100% usable space.

Choose Prefabricated Metal Barns for Your Horses

This brings us to the conclusion that the metal equestrian arena is the perfect investment for your horses. If you plan for a new indoor riding arena for the equestrian family, we highly recommend considering steel over wood.

Viking Steel Structures is your one-stop shop for all of your needs, including high-quality, certified metal barns that may be modified to meet your specific specifications.

Being a one-time investment, not everyone is financially capable of paying the total upfront and ordering a perfect structure for their equestrian family. If you are looking for funds, Viking Steel Structures gives you the option to pay a small upfront and pay the rest every month. This eliminates the financial burden and lets you use the horse-riding area with a small initial deposit.

So, what’s your call? Your horses deserve the right and best riding arena that we can provide. You can reach us at 877-801-3263 and share your personalized needs. We will take your order at a priority and deliver it in the shortest lead time.

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Zoe Tomaino
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Willie Baker
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Ryan Singh
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Duane Scheivert
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