Open Web Truss Buildings vs. Rigid Frame Buildings - Which One Suits You Best
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Open Web Truss Buildings vs. Rigid Frame Buildings – Which One Suits You Best

Open Web Truss Buildings vs. Rigid Frame Buildings - Which One Suits You Best
Oct, 2021

Are you planning a new metal carport installation at your site?

If yes, you may be confused between an open web truss and a rigid frame. Both these options can deliver a sturdy carport structure, but which among them best suits you? Today we will help you find the right answer with a head-to-head comparison between the two.

About Open Web Truss Metal Building?

The first option for your metal carport structure is an open web truss. In open web truss, the entire structure relies on the trusses, which are triangular steel interconnected into a web structure. In these structures, no beam is used for internal support. These structures (trusses) help distribute the entire roof weight on the outer columns, making the carport lightweight and sturdy.

Moreover, the use of open web trusses adds strength to the metal building, which is a necessity in today’s era. The triangular shape of steel makes it possible in weight distribution that saves your construction cost.

About Rigid Frame Metal Buildings

If your motive is installing a commercial building at your property, open web truss is less effective in delivering you a stronger and reliable structure. Hence, rigid frame buildings are highly recommended for industrial structures.

Similar to open truss, rigid frames don’t require internal columns. Still, they are capable enough to bestow enough strength to your retail building. These structures are often called clear-span metal buildings as they provide you with an open area with zero internal columns.

So, these buildings best suit buildings installed for commercial, agricultural, retail, or industrial purposes.

But which among them is best, and what level of strength do they provide you? Let’s have a comparison based on multiple traits of steel.

Purpose of Building Buyer: As mentioned earlier, the purpose of your metal building is a deciding factor between the two options. Open web trusses best suit normal-sized metal buildings that include metal workshops, garages, or open carports. However, rigid frame buildings are best for big structures, including commercial buildings, retail buildings, inventory storage structures, and more.

Your Building Size: With rigid frames, you can install a building more than 300′ wide. However, with open web truss structures, you are limited to only 300′ wide. In short, rigid frame buildings have a high potential to construct metal buildings with a big size.

Your Building Location: As open web truss is used for normal buildings; it can be used in any location across the USA. The location is not a limitation with trusses. However, rigid frame structures are big in size; hence they require specific locations that meet the basic needs for a commercial building.

That’s why most buyers always prefer open web truss metal buildings below 300′ width to give them enough space to fulfil their commercial needs and no location restriction.

Weather Conditions: Local weather conditions have a significant impact on the metal building you purchase. Hence, it’s essential to ensure the building you choose can withstand the local weather threats. As both the structures are made of steel, they can stand still against adverse weather conditions.

Your Budget: The bigger the size, the higher its price. So, if you are planning a big structure (bigger than 300′ wide), you should have handsome finance upfront. However, if you are limited by budget, you should definitely go with open web truss metal structures.

So, which one is best?

The final selection entirely depends upon your personal needs. Depending upon your budget and business requirements, you can make the right decision. Viking Steel Structures is the right place to take your decision and discuss your custom requirements with the right team of professionals.

With our metal buildings, you will get a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 1-year craftsmanship warranty, and free delivery. Based on the manufacturer, you may also get free installation.

We can help you with metal building financing and RTO option if you are falling short of funds. Both these options are good to book your metal building with a small deposit and convert the rest into monthly instalments.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 877-801-3263, and we will provide you the right assistance for your next big project.