Online 3D Building Estimator: Your Ultimate Companion to Design Your Dream Metal Building
3D Estimator - Design & Price Your Building

Online 3D Building Estimator: Your Ultimate Companion to Design Your Dream Metal Building

Online 3D Building Estimator
May, 2020

Are you looking for affordable custom metal buildings?

The selection of metal buildings is one of the critical tasks when you have broad buying options. At Viking Steel Structures, we have numerous metal garage buildings under different categories. Still, there is always a case when you don’t find a perfect metal structure for your land.

What’s next? Don’t worry; we have a solution!

With 3D Metal Garage Builder, it’s easy and quick to design a metal structure your way. Gone are the days when your choices are restricted to available catalogs only. With a vision of catering to customers’ needs and coup with growing technology, Viking Steel Structures introduced its 3D building designer tool. It enables our customers/users to use our online tool and experience the virtual design of your dream building. With our 3D estimator tool, you can design, customize, and order your metal building in minutes.

What Is 3D Building Estimator?

3D Building Estimator is a revolutionary tool for users to use online tools and create a metal structure virtually. Online Building estimator gives you a virtual representation of your customized building and easy real-time options to make changes. Viking Steel Structures is a renowned metal building dealer in the US, offering a wide range of metal carports, garages, workshops, lean-to structures, clear-span buildings, and multiple other building styles with quick ordering procedures. Yet, the online 3D designer tool allows you to make endless customizations.

Unique Features of 3D Building Estimator

Unique features that make our metal garage estimator include:

  • Complete Customization Options: Now select your building type, building roof style, colors, certification, doors & windows, and other designing options.
  • Detailed Summary: Post designing, you can check complete customization and a detailed summary of your customized structure.
  • Order Directly: Lastly, with a single step, you can directly order your building.

How Design Your Building via 3D Steel Building Designer?

To omit hurdles for searching across versatile metal buildings and ordering an ideal structure, you require significant time and effort. However, with Viking Steel Structures’ 3D Carport Builder, you don’t need to worry at all.

With an advanced 3D rendering process, our 3D building designer allows you to make your dream structure from scratch and order it directly. Following the below-listed steps, you are ready to get your metal building.

Enter ZIP Code: The first process starts with entering your ZIP Code. ZIP code is essential to find accurate building prices, as metal structures’ price completely varies on your location due to code ratings. Enter the ZIP code where you want metal building installation.

Select Building Style: The next step is the selection of building type. You can choose from Standard, Triple Wide, Commercial, Garage, Utility, Carolina Barn, Horse Barn, and Seneca Barn. Alongside selecting building type, you can also choose the type of installation surface and roof style (Vertical, Boxed Eave & Regular).

Select Building Size: Once building type is selected, you can choose now building dimensions, i.e., width, length, and height. Remember, you choose right dimensions, as prefabricated metal buildings are delivered in pre-built components.

Customize Sides and Ends: For front, back, left, and right gable ends, you can make a selection and choose from open, enclosed certified gable ends, extended gable ends, and other options.

Make Additional Customizations: For certified metal garages, you require 12-gauge framing. So, you can choose from 12-gauge & 14-gauge framing options. Moreover, you also have the option to select insulation and save energy. Currently, you have double bubble & Woven R-17 insulation options to choose from. However, for other insulation options, you can directly call us at 877-801-3263.

Select Doors & Windows: Now, add doors & windows according to convenience. Via 3D Building Designer, you can settle the door/window position virtually.

Choose Right Color: To give an aesthetic look to your building, you have multiple color options to make your steel building appealing.

Check Service, Financing & Warranty: The last step is to acknowledge some vital information associated with service, metal building financing, and warranty.

Once you are done with complete customization, click on SUBMIT button, fill your particulars, and Kudos; your building is ready for Installation.

No Full Upfront for Metal Building Installation

We understand your financial troubles and give you different financing & Rent-To-Own options to order an ideal steel structure. All you need is to pay a small deposit initially and pay rest on monthly installments. Our RTO program is available with zero credit checks and instant approval. Moreover, with the Financing option, you get easy repayment plans with complete ownership of the metal structure.

Isn’t that amazing?

Call our metal building specialists at 877-801-3263 to learn more about available RTO & Financing options.

Benefits of Metal Carport 3D Estimator

Time-Saving:  Conventional metal building ordering requires multiple steps starting from building selection and calling experts to make your order. However, a 3D carport designer offers a single platform to customize and order your steel structure, making it time-saving. 

Customize As per Requirement: For whatever requirements you have, it’s now easy to make customizations and design your building. 3D Building Designer allows you to stay away from the conventional ordering process and create a structure that fulfills your requirements and suits your property.

Real-time Building Customization: Look no further when you can make changes in your dream building and get real-time visualization. This way, it’s easy to make every single change virtually and order the same without fail.

3D Building Design Video

Till a few years back, selecting from the existing catalog or sharing building details on the phone was the only option to order your dream building.

But not anymore today!

Viking Steel Structures proudly gives you a FREE 3D Building Estimator to design your building and get it ordered directly. With our 3D Designer tool, you get NO time consumption, NO extra effort, NO worries about wrong building design, NO hesitation in ordering a building, and many more opportunities.

So, with no further doubt, visit our 3D metal building estimator and start designing a perfect building.

Zoe Tomaino
Zoe Tomaino
I LOVE my Viking Steel Building, it is everything I hoped for. A well built building that was installed by an excellent crew. I have recommended Viking Steel Buildings to anyone who ask.
Willie Baker
Willie Baker
I was very happy with your office personal & man-power in the field. I could not have been more pleased with the men that were on my new garage project. Everyone had a good attitude ,when I ask any questions pertaining to my garage. It was a pleasure having them on my property. Thank you for a job WELL DONE.
Paul Legg
Paul Legg
Seth and the team were great throughout the whole process! Very pleased!
Angie Smith
Angie Smith
Seth Stanley is a great salesman. Customer service was great! He was so helpful and flexible to meet our schedule and got our building up very quickly. Thank you so much to Seth!!
Ryan Singh
Ryan Singh
Amazing company and amazing products. I worked closely with Seth Stanley who helped me design my dream building. Seth was amazing! He was patient and super helpful. He even helped my concrete guys with the perfect slab for my building. I HIGHLY recommend Viking Steel - Seth Stanley!
Duane Scheivert
Duane Scheivert
Awesome service !! From beginning to end.juan was outstanding as well as the installation
Dan Collins
Dan Collins
Robert wasa great to work with. He was engaged and responsive when needed. Thank you
Karen Dickerson
Karen Dickerson
Salomon Aguilar was a delight to work with every step of the way. He explains every step of the process in detail. Very professional and helpful with any questions or concerns you have. Thank you so much for making the process so easy
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal
Very good company to work with very well built buildings
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