Metal Utility Carport: A Perfect Combination for Parking & Storage
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Metal Utility Carport: A Perfect Combination for Parking & Storage

Metal Utility Carport: A Perfect Combination for Parking & Storage
Mar, 2022

A good parking structure keeps your vehicle secure from vandalism or any damage & offers full protection during inclement weather. There is always a requirement for the parking lot to protect your daily-purpose vehicles. Simultaneously, there is also a need for storage space that you can use to unclutter your mess and keep essentials in a secure place. Most homeowners consider installing two structures offering your customized requirements.

But wait! There is another great option that’s cost-effective and robust. Prefabricated utility buildings are what you need. From parking your car, tractor, ATV, boat to storing your maintenance tools, unnecessary home items, a custom utility building serves broad benefits.

If you are also struggling with a shortage of parking and storage space in your home, a utility carport is the best investment for your future.

Metal Utility Carport- Perfect for Diversified Needs

Prefab utility carports are in huge demand by homeowners as it gives you a custom metal carport with an attached garage. This blend of storage and parking makes it highly effective and efficient for numerous needs. With a single carport installation, you get two structures that secure your lawnmowers, ATV, boats, tools, etc., under the carport and various essentials in enclosed storage space.

Viking Steel Structures provides various utility carport designs that you can select and buy seamlessly. Our comprehensive building options are available at highly competitive prices and the shortest lead time.

Benefits of Buying Metal Carport Combo Unit

Metal Combo Units have outranked wood structures as it provides numerous benefits to the homeowners. Below are the top features/benefits of metal carport combo unit.

Custom Dimensions Available: When booking a custom metal utility building, you can choose the dimensions of the carport and attached garage. You can make your carport combo unit perfect for your land with custom dimensions.

Roof Style Options: All metal combo units come with three roof styles, i.e., regular roof, a boxed-eave roof, and vertical roof. Among all three, vertical roof utility carports are highly recommended to confront harsh weather forces. Vertical roof style is preferred if you live in an area with frequent weather hazards like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Steel Gauge: Standard utility carport comes with 14-gauge steel framing. However, you can opt for 12-gauge steel framing and ensure extended strength to your structure. 12-gauge steel strengthens your structure and makes it durable for decades without fail.

Multiple Customization Options: You can extend functionality for your utility carport with multiple customization options. Customization options offered by Viking Steel Structures include windows, walk-in doors, garage doors, insulation, skylight, and many more. Call us at 877-801-3263 to know customization options for your steel combo unit and place your order today.

Multiple Color Options: Many homeowners also have color choices when buying a utility metal carport. Viking Steel Structures provide 14 color options for carport and 4 color options for garage doors. You can book a custom utility building and choose your color simultaneously. We ensure you get a fully-customized utility building matching your personalized needs.

Available with Certification: Certification is essential to ensure your carport standstill against harsh weather elements. We provide certified utility metal buildings that can serve you for decades without heavy upkeep. You can choose a certified utility carport and utilize it for numerous purposes.

Metal Utility Carports vs. Wood Carports

Metal carports have various advantages over wood carports that make them best. Top reasons why building experts recommended buying a metal utility carport over a wood carport are:

Long Lifespan: Metal carports have a standard life of 3-4 decades with can further extend with timely maintenance. On the other hand, wood carports can only survive for 1-2 decades.

Resistant to Pests: Pests and termites are a common issue for wood carports. However, metal structures are resistant to pests, termites, wood ants, and other wood-related troubles.

Resistant to Wildfire: Wildfires are common in various states of the USA. Steel has a high melting point, making it a highly effective and practical building solution during manmade wire or wildfire incidents.

Minimal Upkeep: Steel utility carports don’t require heavy maintenance. Instead, the maintenance cost of steel buildings is minimal compared to wood structures.

Environment Friendly: Steel is 100% reusable material, and hence it can be reused for new utility carports without compromising its strength and durability.

Buy Prefab Utility Carport from Viking Steel Structures

If you already own a metal utility building, you have made a smart decision. However, if you are looking for a fresh installation, Viking Steel Structures provides multiple utility carport designs that you can choose from. Call us at 877-801-3263, and we are available to help you with the right structure for your land.