Metal Garage: An Essential Steel Structure for Airport Operations
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Metal Garage: An Essential Steel Structure for Airport Operations

Metal Garage: An Essential Steel Structure for Airport Operations
Mar, 2021

Across the globe, numerous industries have grown exponentially in the recent past. Aviation industry is one of those industries that has experienced huge growth before COVID-19 hit worldwide and bring it to the ground.

Airport Operations in the United States of America have experienced a hike of 74% during 2019-2020. However, the Covid-19 wave has drastically hit the aviation industry. But wait! Industries are now coming back to their pace, and hence Airport Operations has started resuming their services.

For ease of saving time, the airplane is highly considered over road and rail transport. However, with huge footfall at the airport come huge responsibilities. Numerous services run simultaneously for smooth customer services at the airport. Some of the prominent services include:

  • Aeronautical services
  • Parking and ground transportation services
  • Retail stores and hospitality services
  • Car rental services
  • Operation and maintenance of airports and runways
  • Air traffic control
  • Aircraft refueling, taxi, parking, and rental of hangar space
  • Baggage and cargo handling services

For all such services mentioned above, you require the best building solution, and metal buildings are the ultimate selection for all your building requirements. Remember, there isn’t a single reason that strengthens the selection of prefab metal buildings over other building alternatives. Below listed are prominent and highly influential reasons.

No Supporting Columns: Whether you need a lounge for visitors or an airport hangar, a zero-column building is your basic & initial demand. Clear Span metal buildings offer ample space to fulfill your versatile needs and run airport operations smoothly. Metal structures don’t require internal columns as they are built with strong metal components that can stand still with zero internal support.

Serve for Decades: Most airports have buildings that are installed once and used for decades. Prefab steel structures are one such building that can be installed with one-time investment and continue serving you for decades to come. As a fact, metal structures can stand still for nearly 3-4 decades without demanding high maintenance costs.

Quick Delivery & Installation: Once everything is on track, the aviation industry can’t wait for building delivery and installation at the job site. Instead, the aviation industry always needs an option delivered in the shortest lead time and can be installed quickly. Ordering a custom metal building ensures you get quick delivery and installation. Click here to know more about metal building delivery time and estimates.

Versatile Building Designs: Steel buildings are highly efficient to transform into any share you want. From standard metal carports to metal garages, barns, AG buildings, you have diverse options to choose from. Hence, ordering different metal structures at your airport facility will enhance its beauty alongside offering complete safety and strength.

Made with 100% American Steel: Yes! National always comes first, and hence selecting in-house products for manufacturing is unmatched with foreign products. Steel buildings ordered from Viking Steel Structures are entirely made with American-made steel that supports local products and hence contributes to our economy.

Go As Big As You Want: There’s no wonder metal buildings are getting a huge demand in the airport industry for different purposes. Reason being, you can order as high as 90 feet to shelter any airplane. Further, you can stretch buildings up to 300 feet. In a nutshell, considering commercial metal buildings can benefit you with vast space & shelter for storage, parking, maintenance, and various other aviation operations.

Resistant to Harsh Weather Conditions: Running the aviation industry means handling counts of airplanes, working with thousands of employees, entertaining countless passengers (on a daily basis), and serving other facilities for smooth functioning. For all such needs, you require a strong structure that can resist adverse weather elements like hurricanes, floods, and even seismic waves. All-weather metal buildings are the answer to your personalized needs.

Green Buildings: Last but not least, steel structures are 100% eco-friendly as they don’t harm nature. Further, steel is 100% recyclable, making it ideal building material in the construction industry. Steel structures are even termed LEED-certified buildings that are safe for the environment and supports greenery. Hence, selecting it for your aviation operations will take you one step forwards to protecting Mother Nature.

With a wave of Covid-19 declining, the aviation industry is returning to its pace and is expected to achieve its growth soon. With that said your demand for quick, durable, and cost-effective buildings will be the foremost requirement. The selection of metal buildings will prevail over other alternatives in the construction industry.

Don’t wait for the right time to make an order. Instead, choose the best-suited, multifunctional industrial metal building for your airport facility and prepare yourself for the inclination of growth.