Metal Crane Buildings: Perfect Choice in USA's Evolving Construction Landscape
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Metal Crane Buildings: Perfect Choice in USA’s Evolving Construction Landscape

Metal Crane Buildings: Perfect Choice in USA's Evolving Construction Landscape
Mar, 2024

In the world of construction, various cranes, such as tower cranes, are at work. These are used in multiple sectors on a daily basis, and in some places, they are compulsory for heavy lifting and moving loads. Installing a steel crane building increases floor space along with safety and efficiency.

What Is A Crane Building?

It is a necessity for the construction industry to lift and move heavy loads. This eliminates the need for excess manpower and safety risks. It is important for many industries as it speeds up the process, which might have otherwise taken hours to finish.

It eliminates the need for independent crane columns, reducing the overall cost of the project. Hence, builders can make more profit.

Types Of Cranes Used In Industrial Settings

  1. Gantry crane
  2. Jib crane
  3. Crawler crane
  4. Floating crane
  5. Carry deck crane
  6. Hammerhead crane
  7. Rough terrain crane
  8. Level luffing crane
  9. Stacker crane

And many more that can be included in the list. But let’s move on to what it is.

Steel Crane Building Vs. Construction Cranes

A crane building is a structure that contains a crane, whereas a construction crane is used for installation purposes. These cranes are used to build skyscrapers, and other large structures where moving objects from one place to another is a common need.

For instance, a tower crane can be used multiple times in a construction project. They are used to move heavy items like piles of steel rods and concrete mixes from one place to another. It is easy, efficient, and reduces the chances of an accident.

How Does It Work?

  1. The rope is lowered, and the crane lifting hooks are attached to the load.
  2. The load is properly attached to the hook.
  3. The Crane operator moves items by hoisting and rotating, and the trolley moves the item to its designated place.

Even though the weight attached to the hook is quite a lot, it is easily done with the help of a joystick. Now, you might be wondering which industries use steel crane building. Here is the list.

Industry That Uses Metal Prefab Crane Buildings

1. Power Plants

Every work in a power plant must be completed on time, as failure to do so may lead to a blackout. Turbines, generators, and other parts of power plants need servicing and regular upkeep to ensure their functioning. Bridge cranes are generally used here in a metal crane building.

2. Automobile Sector

The automobile industry has large and long assembly lines that move various car parts from one station to another during the making and assembling process. Here, smaller gantry cranes are used to pull things like engines and lift car parts. Even in large auto repair shops, cars need to be lifted to fix complex machinery.

3. Transportation

The majority of international transportation still uses the sea route. Seaports need steel prefab crane buildings to move large, heavy containers with goods to and fro port & cargo ships. Heavy-duty cranes make the process of moving goods fast and secure. Overhead cranes mounted on metal buildings are an excellent option for the shipping industry.

4. Concrete Manufacturing

The gantry crane and bridge crane are used to handle premixed concrete bags and precast. An overhead crane is applicable for pouring concrete slabs at the installation site. Almost every item used in concrete manufacturing is heavy.

5. Aviation Industry

Managing aviation requires moving heavy, large, and expensive equipment. All parts of airplanes and craft must be moved safely to their designated place for assembly, repair, or maintenance. Overhead cranes ensure that all of these tasks are done properly and efficiently.

6. Warehouses

Moving items & goods quickly and safely is essential for smooth performance for large warehouses. The faster items are moved in & out, the better assembly lines are manageable, and the faster the products are deliverable.

7. Plastic Injection Molding

Here, heavy molds are used at high temperatures, so automatic hooks and a double-girder crane with hoists are essential for lifting molten hot stuff. The injection molding process lasts at most 2 minutes. It starts with clamping, injection, cooling, and finally ejection. Crane metal buildings ensure the safety and security of workers.

Get Prefab Crane Buildings From Viking Steel Structures

All metal construction work needs a helping hand, and what better sidekick can be if not a steel crane building? Overhead cranes are absolutely necessary for any professional crew dealing with heavy and high-temperature elements like molten ores and metal sheets. Without these cranes, the job cannot be done safely or efficiently.

Heavy lifting can be done with metal crane buildings without risking workers’ health and safety. You can attach special ‘C’ hooks to move the spool of items. Don’t miss out on getting a free quote for your metal crane building. Contact us now at 877-801-3263, and let us help you bring your vision to life!

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