Innovative Design Features for Optimizing Workflow in Metal Buildings for Transportation Logistics
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Innovative Design Features for Optimizing Workflow in Metal Buildings for Transportation Logistics

Innovative Design Features for Optimizing Workflow in Metal Buildings for Transportation Logistics
Apr, 2024

When it comes to logistics the first thing that comes to mind is the large open structure filled with neatly wrapped objects ready to be shipped. A warehouse layout has to be planned for maximum efficiency. This makes distribution and storage easy.

There are four modes of transport logistics – air, sea, road, and rail. Whichever type one prefers, storage space is needed to keep goods to protect them from theft and environmental damage. Inbound logistics can reduce the overall cost, whereas reverse logistics moves goods from end-users to the supply chain. Fourth-party logistics is based on outsourcing, and intermodal freight transport is usually for cross-border shipping. But why so many of them?

The recent boom in the e-commerce industry has forced companies to prepare their warehouses for larger capacity with smooth operation. So, more than one method might be suitable for a company. When thinking about managing your logistics, think about steel buildings. Why? Let’s break this down.

Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Transportation Logistics With Steel Buildings

Clear Span Design

The primary factors that contribute to the success of any logistics and warehousing industry are the maximum utility of space and smooth workflow. Let’s discuss the first one first.

A clear span design has an open and large floor space with no internal support columns. The entire structural load is divided amongst rafters and side columns, which makes it easy to plan, section, and manage workspace and storage.

In addition, steel buildings are sturdy and can bear more load than traditional materials. You can install a mezzanine floor to create extra space for goods. Whether it is a private or public warehouse, bonded storage, co-operative, or distribution center, a clear-span steel building can meet each category requirement. That being said, let’s move on to the second part—workflow.

Manage Flow Easily

The interior layout of the warehouse should be such that the workflow is seamless and quick. For this, items can be divided into sections and stored based on weight, season, size, or fast-selling. The warehouse can be constructed with the following design in mind.

I flow: Goods are received at one end, stored in the middle section, and dispatched from the other end. This would be the ideal method if you have elongated space on the lot.

L flow: All goods & products are unloaded on one end of the building and uploaded on the perpendicular side of the warehouse. The remaining space is for storage.

U flow: U flow is an ideal workflow for a warehouse building. Loading and dispatch are on the same side of the building, mostly parallel to each other. The remaining space is for storage. For instance, a 60 x 65 x 16-sized, all-vertical commercial metal building would be a good place to start a storage business.

Fire Proof

Insulated metal structures coated with fire-retardant can withstand fire for up to four hours, saving most goods from damage. Since metal structures retain their structural integrity with time, insurance companies offer 30% to 40% low premium charges.

Additionally, steel buildings can easily be designed to be energy efficient. That means extra savings in the form of a government tax credit.

Pests Resistant

Metal is inorganic, which means it is not a natural home for termites and insects. Pests can’t chew through the metal panels to enter. All this will protect your goods and products, especially perishable goods.

All Weather Solution

Why are steel buildings called an all-weather solution? Engineer-certified, galvanized steel structures can resist rusting, withstand high-speed wind, and withstand heavy snow loads. They can also bear the force of a hail storm, keeping items safe and sound.

Natural Lighting Features

Incorporating natural lighting into your logistics storage area is easy. With metal buildings, you can install the following types of light sources easily:

  • Solar tubes
  • Skylights
  • Ridges lights
  • Translucent panels
  • Clerestory windows
  • Light interior color
  • Windows

For artificial sources of light, you can add LED fixtures. They consume less power, are bright, and do not heat up the indoor space.

Larger & Wider Doors

A large barn-sized door would be ideal to ensure delivery trucks can easily come and go while uploading or offloading goods. Trucks can swiftly move in and out without bumping into the door’s frame. You can place these doors near the loading section area.

Option For Lean-Tos

One of the best features of a metal building is that you can create extra space with lean-to. This is the place where trucks can line up, rest, or wait for their turn to reload goods. It makes the whole process of transport logistics smooth.

Expandable Structure

If you expect to see growth in the near future, you must set aside some space for expansion possibilities. After all, expanding a metal building will be more cost-effective than constructing a new one. For this, you need to talk to your metal dealer about getting the removal of the end walls.

When it is time for expansion, simply remove the end walls, add more side wall panels, and place the end walls back. That’s it! Ensure that you have left some lot space for expansion.

Get Support For Your Transport Logistics With Viking Steel Structures

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