Importance of Covered Boat Storage in All Seasons
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Importance of Covered Boat Storage in All Seasons

Importance of Covered Boat Storage
Aug, 2019

Boating is more of an outdoor pastime in the United States. Everyone spends their time on the water for various adventurous activities and fishing. Hence, boat buyers are increasing rapidly.

FACT: According to one fact by Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, fishing is the most common recreational activity in the United States. The older generation is more attracted to fishing as a hobby.

To park/safeguard your boat, you need boat storage that becomes a big mess for everyone. Every boat owner attempts to address this problem but doesn’t have enough solutions.

Parking your boat at the marina is common, but you need to keep your boat under the surveillance of an unknown person. Also, you need to pay monthly rental fees to keep your boat safe and protected. The marina is the best place for summer, but it’s not an ideal option during the winter season.

Metal Boat Shelters, boat garages, and boat sheds are available to serve your basic needs as well as protect your boat from theft and various weather conditions.

Now, the most crucial question for every boat lover is why boat storage is essential during winter?

Why boat storage is essential during winter?

Boat Sink Problem: When you park your boat on the deck, you consider that your boat is fully functional, without any manufacturing issue. However, in case of any minor leak, the boat starts sinking into the water, causing a big loss to your pocket. The problem of invisible/unobserved leaks in your boat increases when you leave the boat for a long time.

Damage from Storm: The weather is not the same throughout the year. The area you live may experience harsh weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, high tide, storm, etc. In such a scenario, you won’t be able to protect your boat at the deck. The entire course of solutions to protect your boat from the storm is impractical until you have a separate boat storage area.

Barnacles Attack: If you are living in the area with high barnacles’ presence, the chances of boat damages by the barnacles are high. Barnacles are water-borne pests that stick to the hull of your boat, causing damages to its shell as well as add extra load to the boat. The significant problems caused by barnacles are more costly to repair.

Boat Theft: According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a total of 4864 thefts were registered in the year 2017, which was increased by 5% prove the previous year. Florida is a prominent place to experience maximum watercraft theft cases (24%). Out of all, only 1799 (37%) boats were recovered by the end of February 2018. So, if you think your boat is completely safe at the deck, you are wrong. The risk of being stolen is major, which require some better alternative and storage solution.

Blisters on Boat: Keeping your boat on the water for a long time brings the problem of blisters. Blisters are the water-filled bubbles which are developed on your boat during the winter season. The cost of repairing your boat will be more than the rental payment to park your boat. The negligence towards blisters will damage the boat quality, degrading its lifespan.

So, to protect your boat from above-given problems, you need boat storage. There are different types of boat storage options that you can choose.

Different types of boat storage:

Outdoor Boat Storage: Outdoor storage is the most common option used by boat owners. For outdoor boat storage, you need to wrap your boat with water-proof material. The material you use must have available vents to maintain proper airflow in your boat. However, in case of outdoor storage, there is a problem of stored water and debris that needs regular maintenance to protect your boat from unexpected damages. Alongside, the summer can also cause problems such as puncture in tires and broken springs. Thus, this is not a feasible option for long term boat storage.

Indoor Boat Storage: Indoor storage is the best place where you can store your boat as well as protect it from theft and adverse weather problems. You can even use the indoor parking to work on your boat, transforming your indoor boat storage into a workshop or garage. However, if you have more than one vehicle, it may become unfeasible to store the entire vehicles together in your indoor storage. You need to plan the right space ahead of any steel boat storage installation.

Separate Storage Unit: There are reasons such as small space when you can’t store the boat in your home. In such cases, you can have a separate storage unit for the boat. There are boat sheds that you can easily opt to store your boat. Such boat shelters are available on a rental basis, so you can pay for an entire year to protect your boat from unconditional weather and thefts. Security is a strong factor that makes the separate storage unit best for the boat owners.

Dry Stack Boat Storage Racking: The dry-stack storage has a racking system aside from the marina. You can rent the parking space and keep your boat on the boat storage rack. It is a reliable option to store your boat during the off-season and bring it back on water afterward. The boat is also protected from all-weather problems and theft, offering you a piece of mind.

The boat owners have all these options to choose based on their requirements and the budget. Still, many boat lovers look for a more reliable and secure boat storage solution that can offer you personal storage to keep your boat protected. When it comes to storage/parking, metal boat shed is the best investment that delivers you long-term service. There are multiple benefits of having a boat carport:

Benefits of Boat Carports:

  • Easy Maintenance: The boat carport requires low maintenance as compared to traditional carports. The removal of still water and debris increase its life and serve you for decades.
  • Cost Friendly: The price is always a major factor that dispels the boat owners from owning their carports. However, boat carports are budget-friendly structures that you can own; as compared to wood structures.
  • Theft Protection: Boat storage protects your boat from thieves and burglars. You can stay assured of its safety from unexpected theft.
  • Easy & Quick Installation: The boat carports are delivered as prefabricated metal structures which need to be assembled at your property, saving the installation time.
  • Additional Parking Space: You can choose the width of boat carport as per your need. Additionally, you can also park other vehicles that make it the best parking space.

At Viking Steel Structures, you can choose from the wide range of Boat Carports for Sale and order one that fulfills all your requirements. You can also add as many customizations as required, to make your dream metal building.

Just give us a call at 877-801-3263 and let us know your complete requirements. Our metal building specialists will assist you with the Best Fit metal structure within your budget.

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