How You Can Save BIG on Metal Buildings after Price Hike?
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How You Can Save BIG on Metal Buildings after Price Hike?

How You Can Save BIG on Metal Buildings after Price Hike?
May, 2021

You are already aware that metal building prices have increased in multiple rounds. Some manufacturers across the country have already updated the prices under round 2; some are updating their prices.

Now, whichever website you visit will have a popup/notification regarding price increase. It means you are going to pay high from the existing price.

So, if you are searching for some effective ways to save big after the price hike, this blog will help you a lot. Below are some tips that you must consider to save a significant amount on your prefab steel buildings.

Prioritize Your Purpose:

Before you make any payment, it’s highly recommended to enlist your needs and judge which building best suits your criteria. Different metal buildings are available to own, like metal garages, carports, barns, commercial buildings, and more.

So, you must find which metal building type best suits your needs. This way, you can find the building type and use it to the fullest.

Choose the Right Building Dimensions:

Not all metal buildings have the same dimensions. Homeowners choose different building dimensions that best fit their property and serve their needs.

A prefab metal structure can start from 12’ width and can go 150’ width. Not only this, a few prefab metal structures can even have 300’-width, which is equal to a football field.

So, you have endless possibilities with a metal building, but which size best fits your requirement? Choose the size wisely and pay for exactly what you want.

Get Tax Incentives on Steel Buildings:

Pre-engineered steel buildings are green buildings, and hence they are liable to get some tax benefits under energy-saving terms. Remember, the energy-saving laws change with time. Hence, you must consult about getting tax credits when applying for tax benefits.

Remember, state and federal tax benefits are different. So, you must try to get the maximum benefit from both the laws.

Apart from tax benefits, steel structures owned for commercial purposes are also liable for tax benefits to some extent. Hence, you must ask your tax consultant to find how much you can save.

Compare Building Prices:

It’s a good habit to match your building prices from different manufacturers/dealers. Undergoing a thorough price comparison on different websites can help you in decision-making.

During price comparison, you shouldn’t skip checking the website authority and physical presence. This way, you can save yourself from fake dealers.

Wait for Offer:

Throughout the year, manufacturers and dealers notify you about the ongoing offers that can help you save up to 40% of the paid. Spring sale, Father’s Day Sale, Veteran’s Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, or Christmas festival are some of the commonly known tenures when you can save a significant sum on every purchase.

We never encourage waiting for long; hence you can call us directly at 877-801-3263 and get a personalized quote for your dream building. We ensure you get the best deal on your custom metal structure.

Now many of you would wonder why you should go for prefab metal buildings after this price hike. Well, there are multiple traits of custom metal structures that outrank other alternatives. Below listed are the unmatched benefits of metal buildings that you can’t deny.

Versatile Customization Options: With steel, you can do ‘n’ number of customizations. Hence, pre-engineered metal buildings are highly capable of meeting your end needs and fulfill your business/personal requirements. At Viking Steel Structures, you can use 3D Building Estimator to work on your idea and customize an amazing steel structure.

LEED Certified Buildings: Steel is a recyclable metal, and hence it is considered to be a helping hand to nature. Steel-made buildings are often called LEED-certified buildings as they support green nature and overcome deforestation.

Clearspan Area: Big buildings require robust and strong installation using high-quality materials. Still, internal columns are a must when you are installing a commercial structure. Interestingly, clear-span metal buildings are free from internal columns. Thus you get 100% usable space!

Cost-Effective: With metal buildings, you can save up to 30% of your comprehensive cost. Steel buildings are nearly half-built at the manufacturing units. They only need assembly at the job site. Hence, your manufacturing time is saved! Further, assembly of prefab building doesn’t require numerous labors. So, you can save on labor costs as well.

Above all, many manufacturers offer FREE delivery to your destination, making it a good reason to save big on steel buildings.

Survive for Decades: Steel structures, once installed, can stand still for a minimum of 3-4 decades. Remember, with standard maintenance; you can extend the lifespan even further. If you have opted for vertical roof style, the maintenance is further decreased as vertical roof encourages easy water, debris, and snow runoff.

Free from Pest and Fire: Wildfire and pests are two prime complications every homeowner face with their wood structures. Prefab metal buildings are the ultimate solution to this heck. Steel buildings are resistant to fire due to its high melting point feature.

In short, your valuable assets, vehicles, livestock are fully secured from such natural/un-natural troubles.

Quick Installation: Technically, it takes 3 -4 days to install your steel building on average. On contrary to this, wood buildings require lengthy time for installation. If required, you can also opt for metal building DIY kits that can save your money and time as you have the flexibility to assemble it at your land.

So, these are some unmatched benefits of considering metal buildings for your next big project.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the price restrict you from owning your dream metal building. Let us help you with metal building financing and Rent-To-Own program.

Call us today at 877-801-3263 to discuss your building project!