How Wide is a 2 Car Garage?
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How Wide is a 2 Car Garage?

24x26 Vertical Roof Two Car Metal Garage
Jun, 2017

The standard two car garage width can be as short as 20 ft. or as wide as 24ft. According to the garage industry standards, if a metal garage is wider than 24ft. it’s considered as triple wide garage. Thus, a 2-car garage will not be wider than 24ft. but these standard sizes are not just limited to the width of garage, length is also a crucial factor.

Side entry two car metal garages can be a good example which define how important the length of a garage is. In side entry garages, doors are installed towards the depth of the building and width is generally enclosed with walls. In this case, the standard dimension of two-car metal garage will be minimum width 20ft. and maximum width will be 24ft. where minimum length will be 21 ft. and it can be as long as your needs.


24’x35’x9′ Two Car Side Entry Metal Garage

What if two car garage exceeds the standards size?

Generally, it does! When you buy a garage, you don’t just buy it for the sake of sheltering your cars, you need some breathing space as well, in a bigger space you can shelter your car equipment, cleaning kit, automobile tools, general equipment which you don’t use as often. With a bigger garage, you ensure enough enclosed space which you can also use as enclosed garage workshop, inventory storage unit, office, hobby store or even as farm and garden equipment storage shed.

Two Car Metal Garage

26’x31’x11′ Two Car Metal Garage

What additional cost will I pay?

Two car metal garage prices depend on various things apart from size, price difference can be as low as $500 and as high as $2000 if length of the metal building does not exceed 36ft. Further, garage rollup doors, walk-in door, windows, insulation, and frames can increase the cost of the two-car metal garage. To check and compare pricing check metal garage prices.

Size and Dimensions of Two Car Metal Garage

Measuring your cars and the installation pad should be the first thing that you do. Incorrect measurements can leave you with a metal garage that is of no use. Add the additional area you will need to store tools and equipment, it’s always suggested to be futuristic while judging the site dimension.

What Experts Recommends?

Standard size of 2 car garage is 24ft wide and 24ft long with minimum height of 9ft.

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