How to Uncover Hidden Cost Savings with Metal Buildings for Sale?
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How to Uncover Hidden Cost Savings with Metal Buildings for Sale?

How to Uncover Hidden Cost Savings with Metal Buildings for Sale?
Jan, 2024

The Forbes states that last year, Americans saved a total of $2,010 per person. Additionally, the majority of metal buildings for sale run almost all four seasons. Isn’t that great? You can check out steel structures from online websites of local manufacturers and request quotes. Compare them & finalize the deal on the one that suits your location and purpose.

When you buy metal buildings for sale, you get a discounted price. But things do not end here. You can save even more considering the following factors:

1. Less Insurance Premium

Metal buildings save you on an insurance premium that you have to pay every month or so. That is mainly due to the fact that insurance companies calculate their monthly premium price. You see…risk factors such as structural integrity, type of raw material used, fire resistance, longevity, etc., play a significant role in deciding the final cost of your insurance.

The rate of insurance for a certified steel building can be 30% to 40% lower. You can go a step further and add a fire alarm & sprinkler system to reduce further monthly costs.

2. Less Construction Cost

The majority of steel dealers offer installation for free. Or it may be that the total price quoted by them includes craftsmanship and installation fees. So, you save money upfront.

Plus, metal buildings are easy to install and take less time. Hence, your structure is ready to use. You can even DIY to save more cost. However, keep in mind that installing steel buildings requires specific tools, machinery to lift materials, and prior experience in construction work.

So, it is a possibility that you may end up saving more by letting your metal supplier do the job. For such assistance, contact Viking Steel Structures.

3. Less Labor Charges

All raw materials are pre-engineered and designed according to the engineering drawing. Therefore, fewer workers are needed at the construction site for installation. Less labor means you save money on labor insurance & labor charges. Now, isn’t that an excellent option for you?

4. Less Upkeep

One of the unique selling points of metal structures is that they need virtually no maintenance. All you need to do is keep your building clean. For this, you can use power washing at the lowest setting. Ensure no dirt or debris is on your metal wall panels or roof. Over time, they may scratch the surface and expose it to corrosion. But with our galvanized steel buildings, you do not need to worry about re-painting your steel panels every year.

So, make hay while the sun shines. Get your first metal buildings for sale from Viking Steel Structures today.

5. Fast Assembly

The metal building comes pre-cut and pre-drilled. They do not need to be shaped on the site. For this very reason, very little debris is left over at the construction site, which you can clean the aftermath. Hence, the installation process is smooth and takes less time.

6. Thermal Efficiency

When fully and adequately insulated, metal structures keep heat or cold air from escaping outside. This ensures that your building remains at a constant temperature throughout the day. In addition, your HAVC system will also work efficiently.

7. Less Energy Bills

When there is less pressure on your HAVC system, it will consume less energy to work efficiently. This, in turn, leads to less energy consumption, i.e., lower your energy bills.

You can go one side ahead and install solar panels on your metal roof. It will further reduce dependence on your energy meter and save you money. Ensure that your metal roof can handle the weight of solar panels. These days, you can get lightweight panels such as bendable, peek & stick, etc.

8. High-Quality Structural Strength

Steel has a high tensile strength and ductility (i.e., it can be beaten to a thin sheet without breaking). It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike wood, steel does not rot or decay with time. Neither is it affected by pests, mold, or mildew. So, there is no extra expense for those nasty chemical treatments.

Not just primary strength but an endurance that lasts the longest. Metal gives you a sense of security and safety that a wood building won’t. So, go ahead and order your very own steel building this sale from Viking Steel Structures.

9. Economical Custom Features

On the Metal builder website, you can find almost all the features of customization. Be it choosing a metal structure’s type, width, length, height, roof style, extra doors & windows, frame-outs, side & end wall panels, or colors. Some builder even offers visual customization feature to you. All features under one roof save you from unwanted hassle and give you a seamless ordering experience.

Metals are inorganic materials. Hence, there is no decaying or water-soaking issue involved. So, buying a metal structure keeps your cost of care extremely low.

Tips To Further Cut Cost On Your Metal Buildings For Sale

  • When you buy a steel building, you buy weight. So, the less steel you use, the less you end up paying.
  • Keep the structure as simple as you can.
  • Go for a low-pitch of the roof, if possible.
  • Opt for increasing length instead of width. It will save you money.
  • Some builders can charge you extra for selecting colors. So, ask before you choose a color.
  • Simple structures are easy and fast to install.
  • Less customization means less money spent. So, only customize features that are essential.

Some Affordable Building Sizes Offered By Viking Steel Structures Are

Width Length Height Type Price
20 21 07 Vertical roof metal carport $3,375
16 26 11 Partially enclosed vertical roof metal garage $5,070
12 20 10 Vertical roof metal carport $6,515
20 25 08 Enclosed metal garage $6,670
20 26 09 Vertical roof metal garage $6,980
20 26 10 Enclosed metal garage $7,560
20 26 09 Custom storage building $8,528
22 26 09 Fully enclosed metal garage $8,630
20 25 09 Best Seller Fully Enclosed vertical roof metal garage $9,400
18 36 10 Custom utility garage $9,695
*Note: All prices are subject to availability and steel market value.

Call Viking Steel Structures And Get High-Quality Metal Buildings For Sale Today

As you have seen from above, purchasing steel during sales not only saves money but also gives you additional cost-saving benefits. So, don’t delay. It is better to be three hours sooner than a minute too late.

Here at Viking Steel Structures, we prioritize your specific requirements. Our exceptional customization choices have been tailored to cater to your individual needs. So, order now and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your car is protected by the best.

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Zoe Tomaino
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