How to Find the Perfect Metal Building for Sale?
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How to Find the Perfect Metal Building for Sale?

How to Find the Perfect Metal Building for Sale?
Jan, 2024

The sales of metal structures have been increasing year after year. You would be surprised to know that the global metal building materials market is expected to see an expansion between 2023 and 2031. So, when you are buying a metal building for sale, you must follow a few steps to find the perfect steel building during the sales season.

You see, metal structures are made to be versatile, sturdy, resilient, and sustainable. Plus, they are multi-functional. They can be used as car sheds, storage, workshops, commercial offices, and much more. So, how can you find a suitable metal building for sale…? Well, don’t worry. In this blog, we have discussed in detail how you can find the metal structure of your choice. So, let’s get started.

The Perquisites

1. Define Your Purpose & Requirements

What purpose is the metal building supposed to serve you? Do you need it for parking cars, for opening a home office, or as commercial space? Based on your intent of use, you will have to design its size, layout, and other specific features that you need. Some of them are – insulation, windows, doors, vents, or skylights.

For example, if you are looking for a metal building for sale so that you can park your cars, you won’t need polished floors, extensive vents, etc. But for an office, you have to plan a systematic HVAC system that can be installed.

2. Budgeting

Now that we are done with the purpose, let’s move on to the next point, which is budgeting. It is necessary to set a budget before you go to buy a metal building for sale. You can start with a list of things that are important.

This list will have costs like raw materials, foundation, delivery charges (if any), installation charges (if any), customization charges, and insurance premiums. The best advice that we can give to you is to stick to your budget. This will keep you away from overspending.

3. Research Local Zoning & Building Codes

The International Building Code (IBC) was established to guide you in designing safe and secure metal buildings. However, some rules may vary with the state, city, and county that you live in. Therefore, it becomes necessary to check your local zoning and building codes before you start installing your metal building. You can search your county, city, or rural area’s website for design & construction guidelines.

It is necessary to apply for a construction permit to comply with local regulations. You will have to include your building blueprint along with the permit fee. Failure to do so may result in a fine or even the demolition of the steel building.

4. Your Location Plays A Vital Role

Precisely at which location on your property would you like to install your steel structure? It would be helpful if you consider factors like accessibility & proximity to utility lines. This will reduce the overall cost. The location should be suitable for your intended use. How? Let’s see that with an example.

If you want to install a metal garage, it shouldn’t be in the other corner of your property. You may end up walking with heavy glossaries every now and then. Meanwhile, a home office, workshop, or storage can be installed a little away from your main building.

5. Buy From A Reputable Metal Building Provider

You must research online and select a reputable metal building supplier. While you are looking online, try to look for steel companies with a good track record that offers high-quality structures. It would be helpful if they had excellent customer service too. Read reviews and ask for references from their previous clients to know more about their after-sales services.

Viking Steel Structures offers you high-quality certified steel even during metal building for sale. And you get all these in a seamless & hassle-free process. So, call us today & we will make your metal structure come to life.

6. Select What Type Of Building You Want

Decide whether you want to buy a pre-engineered metal building (also known as PMB) or you would like to buy a customized one. Pre-engineered buildings are affordable and fast to install, whereas custom designs offer more flexibility but are relatively expensive.

Now let’s see some common steel structures that people buy in the metal building for sale:

  • Metal Carport (attached or freestanding)
  • Steel Garage (attached, freestanding garage with lean-tos)
  • Metal Barn (various types like Carolina, Horse-barn, raised center, barn with lean-tos, etc.)
  • Barndominium (a barn with a living quarter)

Not only this, but you can also further personalize these structures. For a custom-designed certified steel building, call Viking Steel Structures today. But what kind of customization can you do? Let’s see them in our next point.

7. Custom Design

You can talk to your metal supplier to customize the design that meets your specific needs, be it roof style or color. First of all, you will need to select the type of roof. For that, you can choose from the following:

  • Vertical (best but relatively expensive)
  • Horizontal (better)
  • Regular (good, affordable but requires more maintenance)

You can then decide the thickness of your metal post & panels. The industry standard is 14-gauge steel, but you can get others like 12-gauge or 24-gauge, based on your needs and budget. For example, a 12-gauge steel is best for extreme weather regions.

You can also consider other personalization options like width, length, height, color, vents, insulation, skylights, extra doors & windows to incorporate into your steel structure. Now, that’s great, right?

Nothing can beat Viking Steel Structures when it comes to quality and expertise in this industry. So, go boldly and order your very first steel building from us.

8. Get To Know About Price Quotes From Various Dealers

It is essential to compare costs from multiple metal suppliers. For this, you can request quotes. When you compare costs and after-sales services, you will get a rough idea of the market price.

Remember to consider factors like delivery time, installation, and warranties. Be sure to request a detailed written quote from your choice of metal dealer before signing the deal.

9. Check For Certifications & Quality Of Raw Material

Just because you are buying in sales does not mean you will compromise on the quality. So, ensure that your metal building and its components meet industry standards. It must have all the necessary certifications.

Some locations with extreme weather conditions require you to install a certified steel building that obeys local building codes & guidelines. Quality assurance is essential to ensure the longevity & durability of your metal structure. For the best quality & certified steel, call our metal building experts now.

10. Check If Your Building Qualifies As Energy Efficient

Are you thinking about installing a heating & cooling system in your metal building too? If yes, in that case, you must consider energy-efficient features like insulation, reflective roof metal panels, and ventilation systems to reduce your energy bills.

You can go a step further and install solar panels on your metal roof. This will further reduce the load on your energy meter. Not to mention, going green can actually give you a tax credit.

11. Read & Inquire Contracts, Warranties & Fine Prints

We understand that, at times, reading the fine print can be annoying. But you must carefully review any contracts & warranties offered by your metal supplier. Try to understand their terms & conditions, payment methods, delivery time, and what is covered under the warranty. Usually, there is a warranty for rusting, metal panels, and craftsmanship.

Now that we are done with the perquisites, we would like you to know about how to prep your location to be ready for construction. So, the following are the steps to help you with the installation part. Let’s see them one by one.

The Installation Part

1. Doing Site Preparation

You must prepare your metal building site by doing the following:

  • filling up any pits,
  • removing any rocks, boulders, or vegetation,
  • leveling up the ground, &
  • ensuring proper drainage.

In case you want a concrete foundation, you must also pour it and let it cure a week before the construction begins. You can select the base for your steel building from the following:

  • Concrete slab or piers (most durable & can bear heavy load)
  • Asphalt
  • Dirt & gravel (generally good for carports)

Many metal dealers also offer foundation construction, so do not forget to ask about it.

2. Delivery & Installation Part

Now that you are done with the site & foundation, you need to follow up with your metal dealer to know the arrival of the delivery & construction team. This is to make sure all the process of installation goes smoothly. Upon delivery, ensure that all raw materials are present.

You will need to verify that you have obtained all necessary permits and properly prepared the site before the construction team arrives to avoid unnecessary delays. Remember to ask if the delivery, installation, and labor charges are included in the final pricing or if you have to pay for it.

3. Maintenance Part

Once your metal building is fully installed, you must clean it and its surroundings. One of the best things about metal structures is that there is only a little debris left after the construction, such as metal shaving or some leftover nuts or bolts. You can easily remove them, sell them to your local scrapyard & get some bucks.

In the long term, minimal upkeep is needed to ensure your metal structure’s longevity and rust control. You can ask your manufacturer to give you some maintenance guidelines that you can follow.

And these are some points that you must bear in mind while installing metal buildings for sale. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further queries and assistance. Our best customer services team is waiting for your call. So, dial 877-801-3263 now.

Final Thoughts When Buying Metal Building For Sale:

Finding the perfect metal building for sale in America requires careful planning and research. You can do it with ease by following the points mentioned above. Also, ensure that you are buying from an experienced supplier who delivers high-quality materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Viking Steel Structures and find a metal building that meets your needs and budget.

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