How Steel Buildings Benefit Car Dealerships Business
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How Steel Buildings Benefit Car Dealerships Business

How Steel Buildings Benefit Car Dealerships Business
May, 2024

As the automotive industry continues to thrive, it’s no surprise that auto dealerships are set to experience a CAGR of 4%, with new vehicle sales projected to reach a staggering 90 million USD this year. This growth rate indicates a high profit potential for anyone looking to invest in this industry. So, gear up to know how steel buildings can benefit you in the long run.

Here’s How You Can Reap The Benefits Of Metal Buildings For Your Car Dealership Business

1. Durable Steel Frames

Steel buildings are durable, protected against weather-related issues, and have tight-enclosed structures that resist draft throughout their lifespan. They are also resistant to weather-related problems such as high-speed winds, rainwater logging on the roof, and snow build-up.

Steel structures do not attract termites and other pests that can rest and breed inside metal frames. Steel, being non-porous, does not absorb water content due to changing seasons. This means you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs and replacements.

2. Spacious Showroom

It is of foremost importance to store four-wheelers in an open place that can be easily viewed and accessed by clients. The sales floor must be well-lit and spacious so that customers can browse easily without any hindrance. Wondering how a steel building can help here? Continue reading below.

Steel structures can be easily designed to have a clear span. These are free from internal support columns. Hence, you get the freedom to design an indoor floor plan. This type of structure also gives maximum carpet area for the available square footage.

You can install steel buildings as wide as 300 ft. without internal supporting beams. With no supporting pillars to create an obstruction, your client can gaze upon their desired vehicle and maneuver around comfortably. You can incorporate natural lighting in these clear-span structures by adding solar tubes, skylights, ridge lighting, etc. This will also keep a check on energy bills.

3. High Ceilings

You can install a steel building as high as 40 feet. This provides ample vertical space, and a building with a higher ceiling gives the illusion of a large space. You can install floodlights, LED low or high bays, etc., to give a full view of shiny cars.

For instance, you can install automatic parking lifts inside a 60x100x12 commercial building to store cars and add light fixtures to the roof. This will brighten the area, and most cars will be safe from external conditions. When needed, you can take out the cars for sale.

You can also create a separate section inside clear-span buildings and install a mezzanine floor. This will allow you to store automobile spare parts and sell them for extra profit.

A larger and higher structure means you can install wider and higher doors to let trucks enter and exit smoothly. Large barn-style steel doors will keep your investment safe and secure against theft.

4. Aesthetics Looks

Modern car dealership businesses like to keep their company’s profile sleek and minimal. You can add a variety of facade options to take it up a notch. For instance, a curved metal wall panel or 3D or perforated metal panels can make your building stand out from the rest.

You can select the metal building’s color that matches your logo and brand profile. You can choose different colors for the roof, structural trim, side and end walls, and wainscot. A light-painted roof will reflect most of the sunlight, keeping the building cooler. You can go ahead and install solar roof panels to lower your energy bills.

For internal, we suggest you go with a light color that extenuates the building’s size and large holding capacity. Also, lighter color reflects so that you won’t need extra lights. Further, you can create internal sections for the purposes listed down below.

5. Versatile Buildings

A car dealership space must be able to accommodate several sections under one roof. Some of them are:

  1. Parking – for new vehicles, customers’ car, and employees parking area.
  2. Showroom – to display new and old cars for sale.
  3. Service Area – a separate bay for serving maintenance and repair.
  4. Office – to close the deal and handle paperwork.
  5. Restroom – for employees and service staff during working hours.

6. Affordable Structure

A prefab metal building is cut, drilled, and designed in the factory itself, so most of the work is already done. Metal parts are lightweight, which makes them easier to ship and assemble on-site. The installation takes less time and less manpower than any traditional structure, saving both money and time.

Once the building is installed, you can start operating. This helps generate revenue earlier. Not to mention, the larger the metal structure gets, the lower the cost per square footage. So, that’s a bonus. Let’s see some other pointers that help save more.

Due to its fire-resistant quality, commercial-grade steel offers a low insurance premium, which may be up to 30% less. And that’s not all! A properly insulated steel building can reduce your overall utility bill, saving hundreds of dollars. Insulators play an essential role in regulating the indoor temperature and preventing moisture buildup.

Be A Smart Dealer, Invest In Steel Showroom For Four Wheelers

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this flourishing business! Invest in steel buildings for the best value. Call Viking Steel Structures at 877-801-3263 to customize and book your metal building.

You can even visit our website to design your very own custom metal building using our free 3D design tool. Be sure to request a quote.

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