How Are Cold-Formed Steel Buildings Better than Wood Structures?
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How Are Cold-Formed Steel Buildings Better Than Wood Structures?

Cold Form Steel Buildings
Mar, 2020

Metal building construction is a significant investment, and it’s essential to choose the right building to get the best returns in terms of value. From the invention of steel buildings, professionals keep debating about the best choice between wood and metal buildings. Wooden buildings are conventional building types and don’t fit in the current scenario. Whereas, cold-formed steel buildings are modular buildings that fulfill all criteria of ideal structures for today’s generation.

Cold-formed steel is a type of steel turned into building components through various processes like rolling, stamping, bending, pressing, etc. at room temperature. Cold-formed steel sheds have overcome all limitations of wood buildings and offer innumerable benefits to the owner.

Let’s discuss the benefits of cold-formed steel buildings, which make these a better choice than timber sheds.


Everyone desires a long-lasting building, but unfortunately, wooden buildings can’t meet your expectations. Wood is an organic element and prone to various environmental factors and infestations. Timber structures start rotting and warping as wood interacts with moisture, which makes it unfit for coastal and heavy rain areas. You also have to employ damp proofing at regular intervals to protect your wood-shed.

On the other hand, cold-formed steel buildings are inorganic and don’t entertain any pests and termites like wood. Moreover, Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) structures have maximum durability and the highest strength to withstand all adverse weather and aging factors. Earlier, metal buildings were suffering from the rusting problem, but cold-formed steel buildings are coated with zinc, which eliminates rust and corrosion, and your shed stands for decades.

Efficient Construction

Construction efficiency revolves around time and cost of construction; timber structures are inefficient in terms of cost and time. Lumber sheds require more time and money than cold-formed steel sheds.

CFS buildings are pre-engineered and prefabricated in components by cold-working, which reduces the time of installation and labor cost. Moreover, due to the utmost precision and no machining work at the installation site, there is zero waste, reducing the initial prices of cold-formed steel buildings.

If we look at construction time, then it’s easy to handle and attach lightweight components, and your building gets erected in a short time. Research says steel buildings can save 30% of total conventional building construction time. So, Cold-formed steel sheds are cost-effective and time-efficient.

Apart from construction cost efficiency, steel buildings have low maintenance, and you can upkeep your structure at optimized operational cost.

Hence, with cold-formed steel buildings, you can save two crucial factors cost & time and emphasize the eminence of steel buildings over lumber sheds.

Fire Resistance

According to the US Fire Administration, among total structural fire accidents, 28.9% were residential and 8.7% nonresidential properties. Commonly, wood catches fire way easier than any metal, and fuel it to spread. So, it’s risking your assets with fire if you are buying a woodshed.

Steel doesn’t burn, and its melting point is 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the wood ignition point is 400-500 degree Fahrenheit, which clearly defines fire-resistance of each. Cold-formed steel buildings don’t fuel flames and help you extinguish the fire.

So, the best fire protection of steel buildings makes it better than wood. Alongside fire safety, insurance rates of cold-formed steel buildings are lower than wood structures due to better protection.

All-Weather Protection

Sometimes, nature shows its cruel side through various natural disasters, seismic activity, and harsh weather. Now, we have no control over natural phenomena, but we can secure ourselves with appropriate shelters. Wood doesn’t have ample characteristics to stand against harshest weather conditions and poses some designing limitations to reduce the impact of heavy winds and snow.

Cold-formed steel buildings have maximum strength to weight ratio, making your building stand firmly. All vertical metal buildings are designed for worst weather conditions and ensure the utmost safety of your assets. Moreover, certified steel buildings are made to meet all your local building codes, which ease your permit process.

So, for better protection against adverse weather and natural disasters, the prominent option is cold-formed steel buildings.

Green Way of Building

Climate change is a rising global issue, and we should consider some eco-friendly ways to save our environment. So, how about getting a green building without compromising your building expectations?

Steel is the most recyclable metal around the globe, and Cold-formed steel buildings are a sustainable way of construction without harmful effects on the environment.

Steel buildings have all fantastic benefits, whereas a wood building requires many trees, and still have several limitations. Cold-formed metal sheds save life-giving trees while meeting all your structural and functional requirements.

Hence, metal buildings provide the best qualities and reduce deforestation and imbalance of the ecosystem.

These are the reasons why cold-formed steel buildings are better than wood sheds. Steel buildings are better in almost every aspect-time, cost, life, and hygiene. There is no field in which metal sheds lack from timber structures.

Viking Steel Structures has a wide range of cold-formed steel building carports, garages, RV garages, workshops, etc. If you buy from us, then you’ll also get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

For ordering your building or any support, call us at 877-801-3263.

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