Essential Things to Consider When Adding Windows to a Metal Building
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Essential Things to Consider When Adding Windows to a Metal Building

Essential Things to Consider When Adding Windows to a Metal Building
Nov, 2021

Many of you think that adding windows is just a standard task necessary for your metal building. But how many of you know the real purpose of adding windows to your steel structure?

Widows in your prefab metal building improve the quality of your building. For some, windows are just a metal building accessory installed in your structure, but not everyone knows its various benefits. With the installation of windows, you are allowing natural light and airflow in the structure. It also helps in improving the value of your structure.

Now, selecting the right windows for your building is tricky as most people are not aware of the different types and sizes of windows. So, if you are planning a new metal building project in the coming months, you should check out the below-listed points to add the right windows to your structure.

Types of Windows Available for Metal Building

Primarily there are three types of windows available for a custom metal building.

Slimline: These windows have a minimalist design which has a slight frame. Hence, it provides a maximum area to allow natural light to enter the structure and help in reducing the power expenses. You can see them in most of the metal structures.

Single Hung: It is a good investment if you are looking for the perfect windows that offer air and light flow within your steel building. It comes with two-sash windows that allow proper ventilation for the structure. The top sash is fixed in the two sashes, whereas the bottom sash is movable to upward direction.

Horizontal Slide: It is similar to single-hung windows, but the only difference is that these windows are installed horizontally. It means the window panels slide horizontally, unlike vertically (in single hung).

Selecting the right window type is crucial as it is a one-time investment, and you don’t want to reinvest in renovating the structure.

If you want to install the windows from third-party installers, you can only order a metal building with frame-outs.

Size and Location of Windows Installation

The next important point to consider is the size of your windows. Metal building dealers always recommend installing multiple small windows instead of single big windows. Single windows will cover a big area, decreasing the strength of your prefab steel building.

Another significant point is the place where windows will be installed. There are a few restrictions when it comes to the location. For e.g., you can’t install windows at the place where support column or x-bracing is present.

The best way to find the right installation location for windows is by consulting with metal building experts. We are available at [PHONE NUMBER] to discuss your custom metal building requirements and provide you with the right assistance w.r.t. Windows installation.

A golden rule for windows installation is that if you are looking for a ventilated metal structure, you should ensure windows installation in the opposite walls of your building. It will provide you with better airflow and allow natural air & light to enter the structure hassle-free.

Install Leak Proof Windows

Yes! Whatever window type or size you choose for your steel building, it’s essential to make sure you have a leakproof installation. The Windows you install should be leakproof to protect your structure from moisture and condensation issues. So, how can you prevent leakage in windows?

Check Proper Sealing: When installing windows, make sure you use proper stealing surrounding the windows panels. This will prevent air and water from entering the structure and keep it completely safe.

Never Compromise with Quality: You should always work with professional metal building dealers that assure you of premium-quality building and its accessories. Installing low-quality windows to save money is never a good option. With a low-quality window, you put your livestock, valuables, and the entire structure at risk.

Make Sure Screws are Installed Properly: Cross-check the installation of windows after the installation task is done. Make sure the screws are properly in contact with the sheeting rails. If you find any gap between them, ask the installer to correct it.

NOTE: If you’re installing windows by yourself, read the detailed process and technique thoroughly before taking the first step for installation. This will help you avoid installation mistakes.

With that said, you can now find the right metal building for your land and order the right widows with your structure. Viking Steel Structures is the right place to book your order and get a certified steel building that matches your needs and fits your budget.

Give us a call today at 877-801-3263 to discuss your custom requirements and order your dream metal building with a small upfront.