Build a Shooting Range with Steel Building
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Build a Shooting Range with Steel Building

Build a Shooting Range with Steel Building
Jun, 2022

The Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide – Source: Wikipedia

Every licensed gun owner needs access to a safe shooting range where they may hone their skills. Some people practice pistols for self-defence, while others practice shooting rifles to get better at hunting.

For a variety of sports, there are both indoor and outdoor ranges. There are, however, only a few shooting ranges.

Building your shooting range that other licensed gun owners may use for self-practice in exchange for payment is the best method to handle this problem.

The big question is how to prepare your shooting rage with a prefabricated steel building. Construction of a personal shooting range starts with the decision to find the scope of your shooting range and numerous environmental factors. Alongside you must know the area required.

Choose Between Outdoor & Indoor Range

If your target market is primarily private gun owners who want to practice shooting handguns for self-defence, you must prefer creating an indoor range. However, if you plan to set up a shooting range for hunters, or long-range shooters, choose installing an outdoor range. With an outdoor range, hunters can practice their long-range shooting.

How Many Shooters You Want to Accommodate?

You must decide the size of your metal building shooting range by estimating the number of shooters you need to accommodate. Moreover, you must determine what sort of shooting range you plan to run?

  • Self-defence
  • Hunting
  • Archery range

Permitted Types of Guns and Ammunition

It’s also essential to find what type of shooting range you want to construct. Here you should learn about the licensing requirements required for different types of firearms. Another point to consider is different guns have different requirements for a bullet trap. Based on the rifle/bullet type, you would require different sand compartments for the shooting range.

Choose the Best Air Ventilation System

Regardless of indoor or outdoor range, it’s essential to maintain the air quality. The reason behind this is the lead particulates used in ammunition rounds; this is a critical environmental concern at a shooting range.

Customers may quickly inhale the dust from these or land on their skin, hair, and clothing. Proper ventilation is crucial for an indoor shooting range to keep lead particles from contaminating the air.

Maintain Soundproofing System to Curb Noise

High sound pressure levels are built by firearms and hence cause hearing damage to those who visit a shooting range without protection.

NOTE: Noise levels inside a shooting range shouldn’t be higher than 140 db.

You must note that the use of.50 calibre or larger rounds are restricted in some jurisdictions’ shooting range rules.

Insulation will help limit the sound and suppress it from affecting the outer environment. You must ask the metal building experts which insulation will best stop the loud noise pressure levels.

These points will help you build a perfect shooting range from a steel building. However, it’s crucial to note that proper approval is required to run your shooting range seamlessly.

Below are the steps you should follow to get your shooting range approved.

Step 1: Send Your Local Government the Plans for Approval: You must present your designs as a proposal to your local government before you may begin construction on an indoor shooting range. After you’ve created the plans, designated the area, and raised all the necessary finances for your potential shooting range, you may submit a proposal.

Regardless of your idea, building a shooting range carries legal requirements that must be met before the range can come into existence.

Step 2: Consult with Local Officials for Further Insights: Check to see whether you haven’t missed any legal prerequisites for opening a shooting range. Only land designated as industrial or commercial may be zoned for a shooting range in many parts of the United States.

Step 3: Get Required Permits: Obtain the necessary permits for your shooting ranges in accordance with local firearm, noise, safety, and environmental regulations.

The legal criteria for a shooting range may be more stringent in cities where there are already limitations on guns.

When you visit the city council to propose your idea, being aware of the local shooting range safety laws will help you make a compelling argument.

Step 4: Prepare a Speech: The last step is to practice your oral pitch to the city council after your proposal is finished. Your speech will probably be favorably welcomed by the council because it complies with legal criteria and presents a case for what would be a profitable, well-liked shooting range.

With this, you will get the permit for your prefab shooting range at an affordable price. Viking Steel Structures provide versatile building designs for commercial and industrial purposes. We let you choose affordable buying options that fit your needs and give you 100% usable space for a shooting range. With our 3d estimator tool, you can also design your dream custom metal building.

If you are falling short of funds, we are here with RTO and Financing option that minimizes your monetary hassle and provides an easy choice to book your dream building with a small upfront.

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