9 Top Uses For A Metal Storage Building
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9 Top Uses For A Metal Storage Building

9 Top Uses For A Metal Storage Building
Jan, 2024

The annual revenue of the self-storage industry in the US is 29 billion USD, with no. of storage facilities being around 51,206. 11.1% of American households rent at least one storage unit. Self-storage construction spending was less than 50 million USD in 2013 but has sharply risen up to almost 450 million USD in 2022 [source: SpareFoot].

You can clearly see that the storage unit market, whether self or industrial, is not going to slow down any time soon. So, investing in one now is an excellent decision. To buy steel storage structures, call Viking Steel Structures today & reap the interest of monthly rents or services that you can get.

Here’s A Compact List Of Top 9 Use Of Metal Storage Buildings

1. Cold Storage

One of the biggest advantages of steel storage structures is that the temperature inside can be regulated by using an appropriate insulator. An insulator will prevent cool air from escaping outside as well as keep outside heat from entering the building.

With reflective metal roof panels, you can redirect heating sun rays, thereby keeping your structure cool for longer. This will help maintain a temperature suitable for storing perishable items like food, packaged products, and medicines.

2. Storing Vehicles

You can keep a large SUV, RV, or a standard sized sedan in your metal storage buildings. Usually, metal garages can be as wide as 60 ft. & as high as 16 ft. & can be priced around $6,670 for 20x25x8 to $53,895 for 50x52x14. You can even customize your parking area by installing vents, windows, or skylights.

Contact your metal dealer about add-ons before installation to avoid incurring extra charges in the aftermath.

3. Sheltering Livestock

Steel storage structures are the perfect choice for sheltering farm animals. They are sturdy built & keep your four-legged friend safe from intruders. It protects them from harsh sunlight and heavy rain. Since metal is unaffected by pests, mold & mildew, your animals remain in good health.

Metal livestock barns are easy to clean, long lasting, and need little upkeep. Hence, if your animals are a source of revenue, you can rest assured they are in a safe place. You can get livestock shelters in sizes like 20×50, 28x60x14, or 30x70x9. You can customize it based on the number of animals you want to host.

4. Holding Up Inventories

Nowadays, everything sells online. Hence, the need to keep inventory with new stock items every month has become a necessity. You can also use your metal buildings to store items for sale or rent them to an e-commerce store. They will happily pay the rent as online businesses seem to bloom in the upcoming years.

A steel storage structure will turn out to be one of the best investments for you. So, get your metal building today.

5. Factory Outlets

steel storage structures are best for opening factory outlets by manufacturers. It costs the least and help keep operational cost low. You will be able to sell goods below retail price. Hence, a brand can make a profile in the long run.

You can opt for a large size barn or a three car garage to open a factory outlet store.

6. Agricultural Barns

One of the best uses of metal structures is as a barn. Barns were traditionally used for agricultural storage, but nowadays, they are repurposed for various uses. A steel storage structure will best suit park farm machinery, large agricultural vehicles, & crop dusters. You can even use it as a traditional horse barn or to keep feed & hay or grains in it.

Viking Steel Structures is proud to tell you that we have launched a 3D simulator where you can design your metal storage buildings and decide their length, width, height & color. You can even see it on your property via augmented reality. Just click on the ‘View In Your Space’ on the upper left side of the web page.

7. Retail Stores

Keeping costs low can become challenging for businesses who want to expand their brand. You need to maintain your product quality & open franchises in different cities. This can be done via metal storage buildings. It can be installed easily and fast at your location. You can start selling products & goods early and make a profit sooner. Isn’t that good news?

  • Warehouses

Stocking, packaging, shipping, storing finished goods, and maintaining the supply chain require large & clear span buildings. This ensures that the workflow is smooth & fast. With large installed doors, you can let big trucks come in, offload stock quickly & free up the space.

Faster working & processing means end customers can receive their ordered product on or before the date of arrival. Good customer reviews & feedback can help you build a better business. You can own a metal warehouse as a business or rent out your steel structure as an investor. Both ways, you will end up saving money and generating profit.

9. Workshop

You can open a workshop in your metal structure & use it to showcase your creativity or rent it out. You can even use it as a hobby space or a personal gym/office. A metal workshop is ideal for woodwork as insulators conceal most of the sound from going out. Opening a café, gym class, or an educational institution is also a great option.

You may run out of breath, but our metal storage buildings’ vast versatility means they won’t run out of options. So, invest in a steel building today.

But Why Choose Steel Storage Structures?

These are some unique features of steel that make it favorable for storage solutions. Contact the Viking Steel Structures team to find the ideal dimensions for your property and local building codes.

  • Durability
  • Resilient
  • Fire resistant
  • Pest resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Sustainable & green building
  • Energy efficient structure
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Light-weight than concrete
  • Column free interior design
  • Accommodate large doors

Where else can you get all these benefits? For this very reason, steel is one of the most widely used metals on earth. But where to find a reliable certified metal dealer?

End Your Storage Problems With Viking Steel Structures

We offer you the best and high quality metal storage buildings. Call 877-801-3263 today and book one for yourself. But why choose us? We have years of market experience & we offer flexible payment modes. You can check out our financing options. So, contact Viking Steel Structures today to put an end to your storage dilemma.

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