30X55X9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Metal Garage

30X55X9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage

30X55X9 all vertical fully enclosed garage
Jul, 2019

A vertical metal garage is the most durable, flexible, and reliable building that is the best solution for storing your vehicles and outdoor valuables during heavy snow and winds. With a wide range of popular metal garage styles and the availability of large customization options for your building, Viking Steel Structures is one-stop destination for all types, designs, and sizes of steel buildings.

Metal buildings offered by Viking Steel Structures can be used for multiple business opportunities, whether you want to start a dog training facility, a new office for your start-up, your own workshop, a gym, or whatever you may desire! We offer ample amenities that bestow all functionalities required to start your business.

You can find this weeks featured 30X55X9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Metal Garage building at our Buy From Photos page. It has additional framing options, including hat channel, ridge caps, and cross-bracing, which gives extra protection and stability to the metal structure. The vertically oriented panels in this garage allow snow, rain, and debris to rid of easily.

All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage Specifications

Our featured building is the most popular 30’W X 55’L X 9’H All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage. You can order this building with a down payment of $4271. Pay the remaining balance at the time of building installation.

30’ Wide x 55’ Long x 9’ Wall height All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage includes the following –

  • (1) 9′ x 8′ Garage Door
  • (1) Walk-in Door
  • (6) 30″ x 36″ Windows

Final price of this building is $25,123 (plus local taxes), which may vary as per the location.

For more building-related details, check here 30 X 55 X 9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage. To order this building today, talk to our metal building specialist at 877-801-3263 and mention SKU: 305509AVFEG for a quick process. Remember, we don’t offer concrete or groundwork preparation, and the surface must be level for us to install your metal building.

We offer Rent-to-Own & Finance options for your convenience so you can own the metal building that you always wanted. To calculate your RTO month-on-month payments, use our Rent-to-own calculator and buy your building today.

Benefits of Metal Garages

There are many advantages of steel garage buildings, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Easy to install – The components required for a metal garage are pre-engineered, which takes less time to assemble the building on-site. The functionality of a steel garage can be expanded or customized even after installation.
  2. Cost-Effective – Everyone wants to save money! The prices of metal garages are much lower than the costs of wood garages, as the wood garages are more expensive to build & maintain, plus they don’t sustain for a long time. On the other side, metal buildings are long-lasting and require low maintenance.
  3. Safe & Convenient – All vertical steel garages are recommended in the area with inclement weather. The different style of gauge offers more strength to withstand in all harsh weather conditions. These buildings are safe, convenient, and versatile that cannot be matched by traditional wood structures.
  4. Energy Efficiency – With insulation, metal building enhanced energy efficiency and significantly reduced overhead costs. Viking Steel Structures offer four types of insulation, i.e., single bubble, double bubble R5, woven R-17, and 2″ fiberglass R7. You can select the one according to the weather conditions of your area.
  5. Eco-friendly – Steel rules environmental-friendly construction, as it can be 100% recycled without losing its incredible strength and other properties.

Viking Steel Structures can be a great choice as it offers a wide range of pre-engineered metal buildings which have the ability to customize the structure in a way that you always desired. We offer reliable metal buildings at the best prices, and with our versatile designs, large stock, and multiple customization options, it is simple for you to find everything under one roof.

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