30x40 Metal Building with Lean To | 30x40 Steel Structure

30′ × 40′ Side Entry Metal Building with Lean-to

30x40 Metal Building
Nov, 2019

A metal building with standard dimensions is the most useful structure for various applications. Whether you need it for residential or commercial uses, it can accomplish your purpose. This 30×40 Metal Building with Lean-to is an excellent example of a multipurpose metal building that can be used for your multiple requirements.

Viking Steel Structures recently installed this 30 x 40 Metal Building one of our customer’s land. This 30×40 Steel Building comes with side-entry garage doors that increase its usability more than other metal structures. It is an ideal option to confront adverse weather elements alongside fulfilling your garage, workshop, personal shop, office, or other building needs.

 30’x40’x12′ Triple Wide Metal Building Specifications:

  • (3) 10’x10′ Garage doors
  • (1) 36 “x80” Walk-in Door
  • (1) 10’x31’x10′ Open Lean-to
  • Lap Siding (available in some states)

The final price of this 30×40 Side Entry Metal Garage is $19,385 plus local taxes. Remember, the price varies as per the code ratings. However, you can order it with a small deposit of $3296 and get delivery quickly. To make an order, call us at 877-801-3263 and ask for SKU – 304012MBLT to get a quick quote. For more beautiful and affordable metal buildings, you can check our Latest Metal Buildings collection.

30 x 40 Metal Building with Lean-to Uses:

This 30-wide metal building gives ample space to fulfill your residential or commercial needs. Below are the different uses of the 30′ x 40′ metal building.

30×40 Metal Building as a Multipurpose Garage:

Mostly, homeowners look for a fully enclosed metal garage that can be used to park their vehicles or store their essentials. Our 30′ by 40′ metal building can be used as a multipurpose garage that can accommodate multiple vehicles or a vehicle with a fully-enclosed storage unit.

The 30 x 40 Metal Building comes with 3 side entry garage doors that make it suitable for hassle-free parking of multiple vehicles. Or you can even use two-garage doors for parking and one to store other essentials that need intense safety from adverse climate conditions.

30×40 Metal Building for Retail Purposes:

For your business purpose as well, this 30′-wide metal building will work. Whether you are running any business, this 30 by 40 metal building can be customized as a small office to fulfill your business needs.

The fully enclosed 30×40 steel building can be used for office purposes, whereas the lean-to shed can be used for parking vehicles or a small porch. However, you can settle the structure as per your requirements.

30×40 Metal Building for Agriculture Purposes:

Parking of farming equipment and storage for livestock are the two major hurdles that every farmer faces. This 30′ x 40′ metal building can fulfill the essential farming needs that include parking of your tractor, Cutters and Shredders, Harvesting Equipment, Hay and Forage Equipment, Planting Equipment, and many more.

However, if you need a custom metal barn, our 3D Building Designer can help you build the same and get it ordered directly. Our 3D Estimator can be used to make any building that fits into your budget and serve your entire needs.

If you don’t have the full amount to pay for the metal building, Viking Steel Structures provide easy financing options with flexible payment modes. So, call our building experts and choose from the available metal building financing options.

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This November, Viking Steel Structures is proud to announce the Military Appreciation Discount. Under this, veterans, as well as active military personnel, will get an additional 12 % discount on all metal building purchases above $10,000. This sale will be active until November 30, 2019. So, don’t miss this opportunity and order your steel structure today!

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