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You finally bought the car of your dreams, and now you need to protect it; our carports can help. A metal carport is a wise investment in your quest to keep your car, truck, SUV, van or any vehicle looking showroom new for longer. We offer a range of customization options, so the carport you choose is not just a utilitarian structure but also provides a nice aesthetic that improves your home’s curb appeal and your property’s landscape.


Some reasons that our customers give for needing and wanting a carport installed include:Metal Carport

  • Shields their vehicles from sleet, snow, rain, and the damaging UV rays of the sun
  • Allows them to pull their cars closer to their doors for ease of entry
  • Deters theft; thieves may enter a garage faster (because they’re hidden) than a carport
  • No room on the property for a full-size garage.
  • Own a garage but need an additional spot to park another car.
  • Prefer the look of a carport to a garage.
  • Need the shed area a carport offers for sitting outside, entertainment, and other activities.


At Viking Steel Structures, we sell carports that provide not only a roof for your vehicle but protect it from the sides as well, so you can choose the style that makes you feel more comfortable or that meets your budget. A roof-only carport provides protection from rain, snow and other elements to a great extent, minimizing damage from hail and other perils. A carport with sides is much like a garage, offering a more comprehensive level of protection for your vehicle.

In today’s economy, the number one reason that homeowners choose carports over other metal buildings is cost. Carports are a good value and much less expensive than any other traditional building. Our metal carports are strong and durable, and unlike wooden garages, they are impervious to the effects of insects and they never mold, mildew, or rot. The types also include

  • Single Car Metal CarportsSteel Carport
  • Double Car Metal Carports
  • Triple Wide Metal Carports
  • Extra Wide Metal Carports
  • Motorhome and Boat Carports
  • Utility Carport Buildings
  • Specialty Carports and Sheds
  • Carports with Lean-to

We provide a 20-year limited warranty on rust through of frame on our carports, so you can buy with confidence.


When choosing your carport, you’ll find a selection of different roof types too like:

Carports with regular roofs are rated for use in areas where the weather is generally mild year round. These roofs are our most economical option, and they are an attractive addition to your metal carport. We recommend regular roof for temperate climates where storms and winters are mild.
A boxed eave looks a lot like the eave of a traditional home, which makes these carport roofs particularly appealing. This carport roof is rated to hold up to moderate weather, so if you get a moderate amount of snow and ice, this carport is one option for your carport. The roof is engineered for harsh winters, and it is ideal for carports that are to be erected in locations where snowfall can turn heavy.
This roof type has a vertical design, so heavy snow and ice fall off more readily. Choose this type of roof if you prefer an A-frame design and live in an area where bad weather is the norm, it’s ideal metal carport for the harshest locales.


Because you have a number of options when it comes to buying a metal carport, Viking Steel Structures strives to set itself apart by offering you everything you could need, right from one place (website). When you buy carports from us, you get:

  • Total customer service before, during, and after the sale
  • A selection of fine products, engineered to be tough
  • Access to our carport color planner to see your metal carport color and design optionsMetal Carport
  • Metal carports made from galvanized stainless steel that’s made in the USA
  • Free advice from industry experts
  • Consultation with pros who understand building codes and permits
  • Customizable designs
  • A 20-year rust through warranty* satisfaction
  • Free delivery of your metal carport
  • Erection of your carport on your ready site

For more information about metal carports you can give us a call at 877-801-3263 or contact us. We’re here to answer any questions and put you one step closer to the metal carport you are looking for.


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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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