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36X40X14 Two Car Metal Garage
June 12, 2019

36X40X14 Two Car Metal Garage

Two-car metal garages are enclosed structures that will give you more room, flexibility, and are designed to provide storage for two cars, trucks, boat, recreational vehicle, or tools & equipment. The garages with a width between 20ft to 24ft are commonly known as two car metal garages.

30X40 All Weather Steel Garage
June 5, 2019

30X40 All Weather Steel Garage

If you want to ensure that your vehicles, tools & equipment, or other belongings remain fine for a long period, you have to provide the maximum protection from threats like theft, hail, storm, etc. Our all-weather steel garage is the perfect option to serve that all purpose. The best part of these pre-fabricated metal garages that they are not stick to a single use.

24x40x12 Side Entry Metal Garage
May 22, 2019

24x40x12 Side Entry Metal Garage

What is a side entry metal garage? How can you use a metal building to manage your storage needs? A Side Entry Metal garage allows clear span for storage or protection of your valuables which can include car, truck, equipment, atv’s etc. Their enclosed walls gives added security and protection to the valuables you want to store in your building.

28X60X14 Utility Metal Garage
April 25, 2019

28X60X14 Utility Metal Garage

Are you looking for a high quality Utility Metal Garage with some extra space? Viking steel structures offers you the best metal structures which can withstand even in the worst weather conditions like heavy rain, storm, hail, and other nature elements. Its custom design can fit the actual desires of the customer.

30x50x10 Three Car Metal Garage
April 20, 2019

30x50x10 Three Car Metal Garage

If you own more than one vehicle, three car garages are a perfect choice as it not only provides practical benefits daily, but it also increases the value of your property. Three car garages offer you some extra space which can be used for multipurpose like you can keep your gardening tools, equipment, bikes, and other things which cannot be stored in your home.

30x51x12 Enclosed Garage with Lean-to
April 18, 2019

30x51x12 Enclosed Garage with Lean-to

Lean-to buildings are the perfect solution for your outdoor storage needs like to shed your garden equipment or tools, and the enclosed garage takes care of your valuables by protecting them from thieves and other natural elements.

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