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24’x35’x10′ Fully Enclosed Metal Garage
November 6, 2019

24’x35’x10′ Fully Enclosed Metal Garage

Viking Steel Structures offers a wide range of metal building options to you, but this recently installed 24'x35'x10' Fully Enclosed Metal Garage is the utmost preference to order. This metal garage can surpass other building alternatives in terms of use and can fulfill your varied purposes, including a parking garage, workshop, or storage building.

30’x40’x10′ Metal Garage with Porch
September 30, 2019

30’x40’x10′ Metal Garage with Porch

Viking Steel Structures featured 30'x40'x10' Metal Garage with Porch which is more of a metal garage extended to give a porch. This metal garage has a unique design that can allure most of the potential buyers. This garage can serve your multiple needs, including storage, home office, parking, and more.

20’x35’x12′ RV Garage
August 31, 2019

20’x35’x12′ RV Garage

Is your RV protected from weather, theft, and excessive sunlight? An RV Garage is the answer to these problems that can protect your Recreational Vehicle or a Motorhome from high winds, heavy rain/snowfall, excessive sunlight exposure, and even theft. Your RV always require parking space when it is not on roads.

30X55X9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage
July 18, 2019

30X55X9 All Vertical Fully Enclosed Garage

A vertical metal garage is the most durable, flexible, and reliable building that is the best solution for storing your vehicles and outdoor valuables during heavy snow and winds. With a wide range of popular metal garages styles and the availability of large customization options for your building, Viking Steel Structures is one-stop destination for all types, designs and sizes of steel buildings.

Cold-Formed Vertical Garage with Lean-to
June 24, 2019

Cold-Formed Vertical Garage with Lean-to

Viking Steel Structures introduces cold-formed steel buildings which do not require any denting or bending of steel; thus, it is stronger and durable than any other metal building. Cold-formed steel is also known as light gauge steel and is made from steel plate or sheet. In the cold forming process, the sheet of metal is pressed through a pair of rolls, which reduces its thickness and increases the strength.

30X70X12 All Vertical Side Entry Garage
June 19, 2019

30X70X12 All Vertical Side Entry Garage

Are you looking for extra space for your new vehicle? Or you want an additional room to perform your hobbies? Side entry garages are the multi-functional buildings which can fulfill all your purposes.

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