Our name speaks of reliability, sturdiness and strength. These are the exact qualities that define our work in all sectors. When you come to Viking Steel Structures for carports, metal workshops, custom buildings or anything else, you can be assured that we will be you throughout the entire deal. From suggesting which product would be the best for you to getting repairing and refunds – we believe in serving our customers in the best possible way. Viking Steel Structures goal is to provide our customers with a “hassle free” purchasing experience, by providing an easy step by step guide built by combining years of building experience and customer service altogether at this one place. To know more about our products, talk to us at 877-801-3263 now!!

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Viking Steel Structures was created to provide customers with precise and helpful information in order to purchase metal structures that fits their needs. Our team is made up of experienced building advisors willing to take the time to explain “need to know” information sometimes held back by other companies. We are committed to provide our valued customers the best quality products along with reliable and quick delivery times as well as competitive prices.


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When you log in to our website, you shall find different categories of metal buildings and myriad kinds under each head. If you are sure of what you want, then you can simply click on the product and go ahead to get your price. We also offer customization options – you can choose roof and wall colors, add or deduct certain features in your building. Those who are not sure about the building they need will also find a solution at Viking Steel Structures. You can seek help from our experts and ask for suggestions when choosing buildings, we are just a call away. You can select a building from the existing or create your own. The buildings we sell are produced by the best manufacturers in the market, thus you can be rest assured when it comes to the building quality and value for money.

Here at Viking Steel Structures, we offer free delivery and installation at 24 states which we serve at present. Our team consists of some of the most experienced personnels in metal building industry and thus we know all about certification requirements throughout the US which includes remote locations too.

We understand that your plans might change mid way. Thus we have devised a simple refunds policy where the amount debited is returned to you if you cancel the order or in scenarios where the required permissions are not obtained. We cover a vast area across the nation which means that you will rarely face a “No-Service Area” issue. Our team is always upbeat about helping you in your purchase till the building is delivered at your door steps. Our Live Chat option on the website and Facebook pages are meant to smoothen the process of communication between our team and you.

Trust Viking Steel Structures for quality products, robust customer support, latest building designs and custom tailored buildings. We are what we claim to be and are proud of it!


Customers that trust Viking Steel Structures for providing quality metal buildings.
  • I was impressed by the quality of building I bought from Viking Steel Structures. The installers were great and completed in the time given. I would recommend them to all for any of their steel buil
  • Our new steel building was delivered and set up a week ago. The building is great. Thank You all for the hard work and dedication. I will recommend RSS to anyone looking for a Carport or a building
  • I am happy with the carport I bought, thank you for awesome work. At first, I was a bit confused whether to buy from a new dealer but i would say my decision was right. I saw the images sent by you guys and got the product delivered same. Thanks and Congratulations for your website launch.
  • My friend told me about Viking and i ordered a certified barn from them. My experience of buying barn was good, free installation, delivery and heavy build product satisfies all my need. Great work, can you provide more color options on walk-in doors? Wish you luck!
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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Yes, it is okay for Team Viking to call me.

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